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Friday, August 31, 2012

Blogaversary || Part 6 } Connections

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During this last year I have made so many dear friends.  This quote above stuck out when I came across it on pinterest.  While blogging about my life and about reading about others, we have come to know one another in a deeper way.  We share about things in our space that we most times do not get to share face to face with others, even our family.  For those who take the time to visit my space and read about my life will understand more about me than I do about myself sometimes.  Same for when I read about someone in their space.

We just "get it", we get where the other person is coming from without even needing any more details.  I have made so many connections and our lives are intertwined forever.  Even though there have been and will be bloggers who's life stages will bring their blogging days to a close and they may move on, we have shared a bit of our lives with one another that will always remain.  Through all the celebrations, challenges, and heartache, these types of relationships can't help but change us.

I am so grateful for all the connections I have made and am so happy for all the friends I have gained.  I am looking forward to meeting more of you through your comments or visiting your blogs and interacting with you in social media.

I truly do care about each of you deeply although I may not get to connect with you each regularly or individually.  Thank you all for a wonderful first year and for helping me to grow as a person.  I have learned so much about myself  and have taken so much from each of you.

I close out my first blogaversary celebration with the final 4 interviews.  First up is Tracy from Dear Life, from a Mom of Boys.  I had the privilege of meeting Tracy and her oldest son Keoni when they came here to Hawaii to get him settled for college.  Although we were only able to meet for a few short hours, we were already deeply connected before we met face to face.  It was like we had known each other out whole lives.  Tracy has a special journey as a mom who has been blessed with a son with spina bifida.  I can relate to Tracy because my 7 yr old was born with special needs.  We get one another and had so much to talk about regarding our experiences and offers of resources for our kids.  Her family is such an inspiration and I am so happy that God allowed us to connect in the blog community.



I have not yet reached my first blogaversary.  I started writing a blog to just simply write.  I love writing, and I love reading other people’s blog.  The thing I did not expect is the friendships and support the blogging world has given me.  


Your blog is always beautiful written and you have never been afraid to share even the most difficult things.  I bonded with you over your trials and triumphs....and when I was lucky enough to meet you I realized that you will be a friends for life.  I am so truly blessed to be able to call you friend!

Next up is Kate from A Creative Cookie.  A creative cookie is right.  Not sure why I keep thinking she blogs about cookies.  Maybe it's just because I love cookies.  Hahaha!  Kate is so creative and I love all her projects.  You must check it out.


“Hi! My name is Kate and I blog over at A Creative Cookie. Since I haven’t reached my first blogaversary yet (October!), I’m going to share with you how I started my blog, and why.
I used to often fantasize on owning my own website – I would hold monthly contests, give away prizes, become an online celebrity. I didn’t really think of a blog as a personal way to share my stories. That was because I had never read one before.

I’ve had a few blogs before. But now I feel like I had no idea what I was doing! One day I came across two fabulous blogs: See Kate Sew and Me Sew Crazy that I fell in love with! I read them all the time and commented on all their posts. One day I realized that I wanted to do the same thing… and A Creative Cookie was born.

I had my blogs for a few months, and I didn’t really know what I was supposed to write about. So I stuck to the main – crafts. Once I became a little more familiar with the blogging world, I wrote about lots of things and even ventured out to social media.

I eventually discovered linky parties, which I participated in and dedicated part of my nights to trying to be #1 on each linky list. My blog started getting more page views and comments, and started growing. It has been ever since. Thanks to link parties, my blog became known. So if you’ve never heard of them before, you better jump on board!

Now my blog has gotten a new design, and I’m planning on lots of new ways to make it unique. I am so excited about what’s coming in the future and I can’t wait to share it with you!”


“Salena was one of the first bloggy friends I knew. I came to really know her when I won a little Facebook contest on her page and got ad space. I’m so glad that I won – Salena has been so helpful and I’m so happy I “met” her!

Her blog has been incredibly inspiring, and the story of Dakota is so touching. It has shown me just how great God truly is. One thing I’ve found about blogging is how Salena and other wonderful bloggers have refreshed my faith. Thank you, Salena, for everything!”

Next up is Pamela from Pamela's Heavenly Treats.  Pamela and I have a lot of kids, I have one more than her but she has a set of twins!!  =)  Pamela has been such a sweet voice in my comment section.  Always encouraging and You can find all her yummy treats at her etsy shop here.  



I have been blogging since January 2012, and I just started as a way to promote my new business, but now its much more than that, I love all the comments that my followers leave for me each day.  


I love the realness of your blog, you have such a humble presence in the way you write your posts.  That helps me to know what people like to read, its the way you write your message that helps you gain more followers that are not your follower because of giveaways but because they are committed.

Last but not least is Jennifer from Jenni Austria Germany.  I met Jennifer when she won ad space on my blog.  I love that she blogs about her travels and her life in a foreign country.  Being born, raised and living in Hawaii for my entire life it's nice to see what the rest of the world looks like.  =)


I was just happy to have kept up my travel log for so long, knowing that my family and friends back home were able to regularly follow along with my adventures abroad.


Without your blog, I never would have found your adorable shop.  The onesie I ordered for my niece is so cute - she is going to look so precious as soon as she is old enough to wear it!  It's my favorite thing I've given her (and as an aunt who loves to spoil her nieces and buys a LOT of stuff, this is saying something).

Stay tuned for the WINNER of the Huge Blogaversary Giveaway!!  

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