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Monday, August 20, 2012

Blogaversary || Part 3 } Confidence

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When I first started this blog there were times when I doubted myself.  Not knowing what to write and weighing if what I shared would be too much or too vague.  There are times I still do, I think that's human nature.  When you are honest and real about yourself not only do you connect with others in the way God intends for you, it's a healing process when you see your life making a difference in others.  Sometimes the lessons we need to learn in this life only come from seeing your challenges come full circle by inspiring others with your story.

When we compare ourselves to others I believe it delays our lessons, puts everything on hold.  Everybody is different, we are all at different places and stages of our lives for a reason.  We need each other.  When was the last time someone shared something with you that was so familiar to you that in that exact moment something inside you filled you with so much confidence and hope that you knew exactly what to say and what to do?  It's funny because you can try to convince them that everything will be okay because you've been there but unless they truly experience it all on their own and go through each stage like you did, they will never see it.

One of the reasons I love writing my blog is all the women who read it.  So many women have come forward and shared with me about how they experienced loss, through miscarriage, or lost their baby, struggled with infertility but have NEVER shared it with anyone.

I've been told I have so much courage but I don't see it that way.  For me, talking about these things helps me.  It helps me to talk about what is real, about things that have happened to me and to remember my babies even though I have never met them.  I know there are others out there suffering and grieving for the lost future of their babies that they were planning for the moment they found out they were pregnant.

Being a mom is hard.  Not only is there so much work involved, the responsibility is a huge one.  When my 3 older kids were little, I used to say "if they are still alive by bedtime" I did my job.  Joking of coarse but thinking it was enough.  3 more kids and 2 miscarriages later, I know it's not enough.  It's never enough.  I fail everyday.  I doubt myself.  There are some days when you do what you can with what you know in the moment and do the best you can.  I believe that right there gives us confidence as moms.  God gives us what we need at the exact time we need it.  Whatever knowledge we have at the time is what God has instilled in us and it's enough.  It's for a reason.

When others who are watching our lives and our decisions see us living in confidence, it breeds confidence in others.  I have seen this happen since I have been writing this blog.  So many of us are comparing ourselves to one another and it gets us no where.  I too need to remind myself that I am who I am, I am perfect the way I am and there are so many people who love me for me, not who I think I need to be.

I'm learning, from blogging, that I must embrace who I am as an individual because I have so much to give.  I 'm always inspired by others who share the real them and who are raw and transparent.  Those are the ones I am drawn to because they help me to see that I'm not alone and that it's okay to be yourself, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Here are 2 more dear friends of mine I have met through blogging.  Brooke from Covered in Grace and Megan from Absolute Mommy.  Brooke is a breath of fresh air and is so fun-loving!  We are going to meet face to face soon and I can't wait.  Megan is one of those raw and transparent mommas who always inspires me with her honesty.  


I missed my first blogiversary. It was June 7th of 2010 and at that time, I'd only posted around a dozen or so blogs. It wasn't actually until February 2011 that I began blogging regularly. I'd began a 100 day photo challenge and was pretty good about posting almost every day. But again...I missed my next blogiversary. June 7, 2011 rolled around, I was 2 years into my blog and I posted about a Rusty Harbor that I'd taken photos of. I'm still proud of that post. I took all of the photos with the camera on my phone. Anyways, even 2 years in, I still considered myself a baby blogger back then. I didn't know what a blogiversary was. Finally, in Feb of this year,  I began networking. Really networking. I broke down and opened up a Twitter account and began talking and sharing with other bloggers. By June 7th of 2012 I was so into this blogging thing. It had largely become a part of my daily life and I was loving it. I had a giant giveaway to celebrate my 3rd blogiversary, among other things. I guess third time's a charm. I finally got the "blogiversary" concept. And I've got to say... I am loving it all! 


Salena's blog never disappoints. Every time I read something she's written, it touches me in some way or another. And every time I finish her post, I'm left feeling both guilty of slacking (in my writing) and inspired to write more posts from the heart. Salena is a lady to follow, a lady to befriend. I'm so looking forward to meeting her in person very soon.


On my blog anniversary my bloggy friends pulled out all the stops for me!!  They sponsored my very first giveaway, and those wonderful sisters at The Letter 4 even made me a free printable (attached).  It was awesome!


I found Salena and her blog when she announced her pregnancy last year.  I was so excited for her after reading her story.  I was also heartbroken when she announced that she had lost that baby over Thanksgiving.  I felt like I was a friend of hers and wanted to hug her.  We have never met, but I just felt like I knew her so well via her blog.  The reason for that is that she is so honest and true to what she writes.  I love reading about her family and how she does this momma job with 100% of herself.  She has taught me faith and grace, and the power of prayer.

I'm so grateful for all the friendships I have made this last year.  Stay tuned for Part 4!

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isshounoyakusoku said...

you're absolutely right! so many times, i hear people comparing themselves to others and it's natural but not right. we have to be comfortable in our own skin. you're amazing for trying to spread those words! through you, i am slowly building confidence! thank you, salena!

Naptime Review said...

I love the Ashlee Simpson song...

Stopping by from Thee Networking Blog hop! Love for you to stop by and return the follow. Hosting Mom's Monday Mingle. You are welcome to link up!


Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

Oh Salena... you've done it again. I love your heart, mama. You are precious.

Kate said...

I agree that it is hard to put yourself out there, in fear of what people think. But I can't imaging that people would ever think bad of you! I have only been reading your blog for a handful of months and you are always so inspiring! Thank you for that. :)

No(dot dot)el said...

Salena this is so true. I love the quote at the top. SO so so true. It is an amazing thing when we finally catch on to the fact that our thumb print is the only one we should be trying to make ;) Thank you for always being so open and honest.