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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blog Angels || October Final Reveal

It's Blog Angels October Final Reveal time.  If you haven't heard of Blog Angels before you can read more about it here from Rosie over at Craftbotic.

For the month of October I have been a Blog Angel to Kate from Life As I Know It.

I have to say that this round was weird to me.  This was the first time that we reveal ourselves to the blogger we have been angeling at the half way point.  You can read my half-way reveal post here.  I found it a little premature since there wasn't much time to do much for my blogger.  Although Kate's main request was for comments I really wanted to do more if I could.  However, with changes in my family during this round I found myself with less time to be online so my time was limited in following Kate daily.  She was very encouraging though when she found out it was me.  She has no idea and she loved the comments I left for her.

Since the half way reveal there wasn't anything that changed.  I continued to visit and leave comments but the difference with this round is that I already knew Kate.  When you see her blog, it's hard not to comment.   She has a lovely family and a new baby!  She talks about products she loves and shares new things.  There is always something different and I relate well with her.  In that sense this was the easiest round for me since I felt we just clicked already.

Round 4 will be in December with a new twist, I'm excited and can't wait!  Want in on the angeling duties?  Check it out here for more info and check back on November 10th to sign up.


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Kate said...

Salena, for real-- Thank you for all your kind and encouraging comments. They always put a smile on my face and I've enjoyed getting to know you better since I had you, then you had me, we sort of got 4 months of each other!

Cocalores said...

Even though Blog Angels is really fun, I found it a little bit different this time, too - with me being the blog angel out in the open. I'm sure you did a great job! Looking forward to the next round, though =)