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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Small Business Month:: Challenge #2

October is...

Today's prompt is this:
Tell about one challenge you've come across since you decided to start selling your merchandise, whether it be through an online retailer {Etsy}, during craft shows, or just from friend-to-friend. Could it be book keeping? Balancing the family? Creative block? Marketing challenges?

These are some of the challenges I have come across since I decided to start my blog and selling my merchandise.

Challenge #1: Balancing my family

Keeping up with my Blog, opening up my etsy shop, and finding time to make stuff to fill my shop has been weighing on my family.  I didn’t that I would be addicted to doing all of this!! There is much more to it than I thought but I love it.  I need to find a way to make it all work.

Challenge #2: Anxiety

I have lived with anxiety all my life and post-partum depression since I had my almost 4 year old.  I've noticed my anxiety levels have skyrocketed since I started my Blog and now I’ve added my etsy shop.  The stress is high.  Time just flies by so quickly.  Having 3 young kids at home with my husband working odd hours and having no sitter I find it hard to focus and concentrate to write my Blog or to create products for my shop.  Some days are easier than others.

Challenge #2: Doubting Myself

I doubt my ability, my grammar, my products I lack the confidence needed at times to just put myself out there whether it be my Blog or my shop.  Self doubt causes me to waste a lot of time pondering instead of just doing.

When I look back and read these three, I guess my problem is not having enough time or not knowing how to use my time.

Does anyone have any suggestions as how I could get out of this rut? 

All my heart

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Pidg said...

Don't doubt! You can only be the best "you" appreciate it.
I'm going to write a post to your questions about how I do it...which is hysterical to me but for some reason a lot of people have asked me that lately. Repeat after me: "Salena is awesome, Salena can do it. Salena should stop referring to herself in 3rd person because Pidg is a bad influence and does things to make herself laugh!"

I've seen you grow already since we've started this venture...If the whole point of this is to share "A little piece of You" then it shouldn't be a hardship. We'll prioritize together!

Latoya @ The Scott's Crib said...

Hi Salena!

I am stopping in for Three's 4 Me and I can totally relate to every single thing you are going through. I just launched my very own Shaklee business and finding that balance does take some time. Yesterday I told myself that I would do no blogging and networking, yet here I am doing what I am passionate about. I am thinking of creating blog hours, Shaklee hours, and certain days where I won't check in. It's difficult just starting out. Anyway's I am your latest follower...and I would love to talk to you about some new promo ideas for small business that have been swimming around in my head if you are interested.

Three's 4 Me said...

I can totally relate to the balancing of your family. It's TOUGH!!! And it doesn't help that it's super exciting to check out everyone's blogs everyday! So addicting!! Anyway, thank you so much for linking up again today!!! I hope I'll see you next week!!! (Prompt coming tomorrow!)

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

I have the same issues with #1 & #2. It's hard to maintain a balance - I'm still trying to figure it out. (I have a ton of things I've made still sitting around that have not been put up in the shop, yet, just because I haven't taken the time to photograph them.) And I've had anxiety forever, which I hate! As for #3, if the things you make are things you love, more than likely other people out there will love them, too. :) Thanks for the follow - I'm following you back, now. :)

Jenae @ Wildflower said...

its like you were writing about me! I have so much anxiety to open my own shop for my photography..I feel like everything has to be in place in order to start...anyways I am loving the new look!!

Toaster4JC said...

I understand trying to balance time with family. I don't have kids yet, and it's still hard trying to balance keeping the house clean, making new products, photographing new products, spending time with my hubby, staying involved in church, trying to keep up with my online friends. I think that when our little one arrives, I'm going to have to just realize I can't read every blog I follow every day. It's not worth it to not spend time with those I love.

I will try to keep up as much as possible, but I know that my quiet times and family will have to come first.

Try not to be anxious about anything. I realize that I am NOT a gifted writer like many of the blogs that I read but, my blog is more for my family anyway. So I just blog even if I don't have great skills.

Be encouraged Salena!

Toaster4JC said...

OH and maybe you can do something where you have "creative time" in the house where you can work on your shop and your kids can work on craft projects/coloring/making music/whatever it is that allows them to be creative. Maybe you can make 2 hours a day just for that. Not sure on the ages of your kids if that would work or not, but just a thought!