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Monday, December 17, 2012

Ultimate Blog Angels || Halfway Point

We are already at the halfway point of December's Ultimate Blog Angels round.  This time it's a little different.  Instead of having angels picked and assigned in secret, this time we got to pick who we wanted to angel.  The person I chose is an inspiration to me and although she is not into blogging as much as her online shop, she does have various social media venues.  She hasn't been very active so I'm feeling at a stand still.  As with previous rounds, it's hard to angel someone without giving yourself away.

I have some ideas for the next 2 weeks and am looking forward to reaching out to her more.

I can't wait for the reveal on December 31st!  Hopefully she doesn't know who I am but I hope she does feel blessed and has a sense that someone is looking out for her.

Next round will be in February with sign ups mid January.

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1 comment:

Cocalores said...

Having a blogger who is really busy with other things than blogging these days makes it harder to help them =) I'm sure she appreciates everything you're doing for her!