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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight || Jennifer from Jenni Austria Germany

Jenni Austria Germany

My blog chronicles my travels throughout Austria, Germany, and beyond. I started it a couple years ago, after moving to Austria, so that my parents and family could keep up with my adventures abroad.  Since then, it's become a little collection of funny stories, anecdotes, and cultural observations in general.

1. WHO is the last person who encouraged you? My Austrian BFF Eva. She is always full of encouragement and humor.

2. WHAT is your favorite food? I could eat falafel and hummus every day of my life.

3. WHERE is your most memorable place and why? Salzburg, Austria is my favorite city in the world; I spent a very amazing six monts of my life there before moving east to Vienna (my 2nd favorite city in the world) and then eventually moving on to Germany.

4. WHEN was the last time you forgave someone? Just earlier this week I crossed paths with an old friend with whom I used to have some issues. It was nice to put that all behind us.

5. Tell me something you wish others would know about you and WHY? I worked really, really hard to secure my internships/grants/jobs abroad; I think some people assume I just decided, "Hey, I think I'll move to Europe tomorrow". It took about nine months of dedication and hard work to get there!

Random Facts:
1. I'm a bangs girl - will always have them.
2. I got my undergrad. in foreign languages, but I also studied film theory (my one true love).
3. I have never had a cup of coffee in my life. I don't even really know what coffee tastes like.
4. As a blogger, I should know a thing or two about HTML. But I really, really don't.
5. I've been to more European countries than US states; I'd like to fix that someday. Cross country road trip, anyone?


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