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Friday, June 22, 2012

Getting To Know You #1: All About Your Blog


Getting To Know You #1: All About Your Blog

1) How did you come up with the name of your blog?
When I share things about my life whether experiences, lessons I have learned, hardships, or about my kids and family, they are all pieces of me.  "A Little Piece of Me" means that my blog is little pieces of me that I'm sharing with you.

2) What inspires your posts most?
Everyday life.  As I go on with my day if there is something inspiring or something on my heart I will put it in the next post.  Sometimes I play along with blog hops or link ups which are super fun or that I can relate to and that will give me the prompt on what to write about.

3) What is the greatest challenge you face when blogging?
Distractions which lead to me not being able to focus on what I'm writing.  My little girls are not on the same schedule so I wake up to at least one of them and I fall asleep with at least one of them, I hardly have free time blocked off just for me to think.

4) Besides blogging, what activities occupy your time?
Creating things for my handmade shop, managing my shop, never ending dishes and laundry, my girls, playground time, and errands on my husband's days off.

5) What got you into blogging in the first place?
I stumbled on to this blog and this blog and loved their honesty.  I could relate to them so well and I kept going back for more.  I started thinking "hey, can do this".  I love sharing about my life, to inspire others and to help others feel like they are not alone.  Then I stumbled on to this blog on her tantrums post and I left a comment.  She was the first ever blogger to reply to me personally through email and I was so impressed.  I mentioned that I was thinking of starting a blog and she told me to go for it.  Within 24 hours my blog was up and running.

6) Do you have any special projects on your blog? (linky parties, charities, events, weekly posts, etc).
I have a Group Giveaway at the end of each month.

7) From where do you post?

In my living room from my desk top computer.

8) Do you have any blogging words of wisdom to share?

Stay true to yourself.  Constantly remind yourself why you started your blog and stick to it.   There are so many other fabulous bloggers out there who are different than you.  It is very easy to get sidetracked by what they are doing and about all the "blogging" logistics and become overwhelmed that you can forget who you are in the crowd.  Ultimately, you have a voice.  Use it to encourage others, to speak where others can't, to be a positive role model in this world.  Blogging is a great resource to do so.  And ultimately have fun.  You will gain friends that you will love and build bonds that you never knew existed.

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Brie said...

I love the words of advice. I think it is so easy to stray away from yourself because you're so afraid of what people would think or to get more readers.

jenkakio.com said...

thanks for sharing!!!! I feel like I got to know you a little better! Plus, I love free advice. Thanks for sharing!

Cat said...

Thanks Salena! It's fun to get to know you better! And I love your advice. Sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in doing what's 'popular' instead of staying true to your blog's purpose. Appreciate you!