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Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Summer.  I love you because I get to sleep in and stay up late.  I hate you because everyone will sleep in therefore stay up late.  This will equal grumpy kids and a flex routine that helps no one.

Dear Aleshanee.  I'm so proud of how much you have learned and gained this school year.  I have seen you grow before my very eyes, not only physically but in how smart you are too.  You may have some bad days but you've been having some really great days too.  You are such a great big sister and you show so much love to your baby sisters.

Dear Kapono and Timi.  I'm so happy you were not seriously injured in the car accident.  When I saw the picture of you in your neck brace I was so sad.  You looked so helpless and it reminded me of the accident you were in when you were little.  I'm so happy you're okay.

Dear Saphire and Eddie.  I am loving all the pictures from your trip.  Eddie you are such a wonderful photographer with mad skillz.  :)  Saphire is so beautiful and you capture her so well, it's breathtaking.

Dear Rudy.  Your MacGyver skills this week have really impressed me.  It reminded me of our dating days when you could fix anything with anything.  I could watch you all day because you always surprise me with how smart you are.

Dear Dakota.  I know you do not want to start Kindergarten this year but you are.  I am not looking forward to it and I will be very sad when the first day of school comes around.  I do not want to be without you all day long. :(

Dear Josh.  Congratulations for making the All Star Air Force Bowling League and then Winning!!

Dear Ashley.  I remember when you were born and my only baby.  I can't believe you just celebrated your 8th wedding anniversary and will be 27 years old soon.  I keep forgetting you are a strong, independent, smart woman capable of taking care of herself because you are still my little girl.

Dear Hayden. Stop. terrorizing. your. mother.

Dear Weight.  GET LOST!!  That is all.

Dear House.  Can you please just clean yourself.

Dear Coffee.  Can you stop tasting so darn good?  Ok, well to be fair this should be Dear Creamer.

Dear Water.  Work harder to get my attention, you are losing out to Coffee and Diet coke.

This is my first time linking up with Friday's Letters.  Not sure if I did it right but I wanted to join in so I gave it a shot.  =)

Have a great weekend!


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King Eddie said...

This is a really awesome idea. And thank you so much for your support and attention. It means the world to know that somebody likes the pictures I take. Even if it really doesn't take skill to make a picture of Saphrie look good, I appreciate you thinking so. :)

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

These two:
Dear House. Can you please just clean yourself.

Dear Coffee. Can you stop tasting so darn good? Ok, well to be fair this should be Dear Creamer.


Happy weekend, girl!

Alyssa said...

I am SO with you on the Dear Weight! You can do it though!! :)