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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Featured Spotlight:: Leigh-Ellen @ Little Waterlily in a Big Pond

Welcome to Leigh-Ellen from Little Waterlily in a Big Pond.  I just love her answers to these questions.  We have just met but you may already know her.  Enjoy!

Leigh-Ellen // Little Waterlily in a Big Pond

I started my blog to keep our friends and family on the other side of the pond (Husband is British and I lived in England for 4 years) up to date on our lives. It's sort of evolved (devolved??) from there. I'm a sucker for all things pretty, shiny, frilly and girly. Most importantly I'm a wife, a fur-parent and a friend so expect a lot of personal photos and bragging about the crazy exploits of my golden retriever- Sadie, our new kitten- Spock and the cat who runs our lives- Trilly.

WHO has inspired you lately?

I'm easily distracted so I think I get inspired by people, blogs, billboards every day and then promptly just decide I came up with it all on my own. Honestly there are too many individuals to name but, very very oddly, I just finished a book about Madame Tussauds (yes, of the wax museum fame) which I found intriguing. It inspired me in many ways not the least of which is that I now want to visit a wax museum.

WHAT is your favorite color?

My favourite colour (notice the Canadian spelling on both those words?) is Purple. I've loved it since I was little. My prom dress and my bridesmaids dresses were practically the same shade of purple. If an item is purple I pretty much want it. I have convinced myself not to buy purple lamps but I'd pause to think about it.

WHERE is your favorite vacation spot?

I love to travel though the opportunities have slowed down since I got a "real" job, bought a house and got three fur-babies. I feel like my favourite (there's that Canadian spelling again) vacation spot is somewhere I haven't been yet. Husband and I like exploring new places together. I like it to be warm and sunny but he votes for not too warm!

WHEN was the last time you did something special for yourself?

Does stealing half of Husband's Easter candy count? I'm not always good at doing things just for me... or maybe I'm so spoiled I don't notice them anymore. Hmm... I should think about that. I don't have kids so I manage to protect my reading in the bathtub time pretty well.

Tell me something you wish others would know about you and WHY?

I talk when I'm nervous. I talk when I'm excited. I talk when I'm comfortable. If' I'm not talking something is probably wrong. Try to find it endearing.

Random Facts:

  1. I'm from the East Coast of Canada. When traveling I tell people that and they say "Toronto?" and I say "Sure". Heck, I had students in the UK who swore up and down that Canada was right next to Australia because that's what it looked like if you folded the map around. Obviously my classroom needed a globe.
  2. I get headaches on days ending in "y". It sucks. My brothers make fun of me for it. I love my little brothers but they're mean.
  3. I can get a sunburn in pretty much any weather. I don't tan. My husband makes fun of me for it. I love my husband but sometimes he's mean too.
  4. I was scared of dogs until I was a teenager and was never a big fan of cats. Somehow I now have a dog and two cats. I'm confused by this. I also now find lolcats adorable. I'm concerned by this.
  5. I hate raisins (as a child we couldn't say we hated things, just "it's not my favourite"). I do not understand why people insist on ruining wonderful things like butter tarts, oatmeal cookies and apple strudel with raisins.


xoxo, Salena
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