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Monday, February 20, 2012

Blog Swap: Kristine @ The Foley Fam and follow me for a {Giveaway}

I'm over at The Foley Fam today doing a giveaway so Kristine is back today to share a little more about herself.  I love her fun, spunky personality and I'm sure you will too!!  Click on the link at the end to enter to win this:


Hello A Little Piece of Me lovelies!!
Kristine here again, from The Foley Fam Blog and J&M's Eye Candy Shoppe 
Yup! Showing off my under eye circles, which seem to be the fashion I'm rockin these days, ha! Note to self, take time to wear make up!
I share just about everything on my blog:
from recipes, mom tips, fashion, home decor, and crafty ideas + tutorials.

But mostly, it's my Momma Ramblings about me and my little family of four!
The Hubs+Me+M&M

I love making pretties for our girls, and love being able to create custom pretties for others like you.
You can find an eclectic mix of handmade sweetness for ladies and sprouts in my Etsy Shoppe.

Who/What was your inspiration to start blogging/shop?
I started blogging for me to share my creative projects and to share some of our story with others. I started selling my handmade pretties after I found out I was pregnant with our first baby girl, and people were always commenting on them. I would get orders from family and friends, and it just grew from there!
What is your routine while blogging/creating things for shop?
I do most of my blogging and creating for my shop after everyone has gone to bed. I'm a HUGE night owl, and it works for my little fam and me. I love playing music in the background, and you can find me most nights sipping on hot chocolate, sometimes with a little bit of coconut rum :)
To take care of me, my most favorite thing to do for myself is...
Take a bath - most importantly uninterrupted! I know it may sound silly, but I KNOW you other moms out there can relate (right?)! I hate jumping in quick while the babies are napping (if I'm lucky enough to get a nap time in) during the day while the Hubs is at work. I do it, because if I didn't I'd prob never shower and I'd be smelling mighty funky! So those days when my awesome Bro and SIL offer to watch my babies for a couple hours, or the grandparents take both kiddos out for a "date", you can bet I'm soaking in every minute of bath time :)


I am a huge night owl too.  I need to force myself to get to bed before the sun comes up.  I can sure relate to finding time to take a shower.  Sounds lovely to have family take your girls so you can soak in the bath.  I love all your pretties Kristine!!  If only my girls would wear the stuff in my shop.  Nope they'd rather wear their hair all up in their face all day.  =)  Thanks Kristine for sharing this with us today.  Always a pleasure to have you here.

Head on over to The Foley Fam for my giveaway... come say hi and get your entries in!!

xoxo, Salena
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