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Friday, October 21, 2011

Guest Interview:: Jenae @ Wildflower

My interview today is with with the beautiful Jenae.  She is another momma that inspires me with her honesty, she's down to earth, not afraid to challenge herself when times get rough, and she is brave in situations where I think I would shrink back.  I have asked her to come here today so we can all get to know her better.

Hey guys! I'm Jenae and I Blog Over at Wildflower. I'm a mum of two little boys, and a Photographer. I am so excited to be here today on Salena's Blog to do a guest interview for you guys. don't forget to stop by my Blog to check out her Guest interview.

  1. Q:  What is the most valuable lesson you have learned about yourself through blogging up to this point? I have actually learned a lot about myself, and what I can and will do. I am inspired by all the posts that I read. the most valuable lesson I have learned is to be real, to be you. 100% you always. be who you are and become who you want to be become. and since starting my blog I have seen myself grow and step out of my comfort zone to find who I am and become someone.

  1. Q: If you were given an all expense paid vacation (sitter included) for you and Coey, where would you go? Africa! I so want to visit there and take some beautiful pictures! I know hubs will be okay with it cause he has talked about building a house there {he talks about building houses every where so far his favs are Alaska, New Zealand, and Africa} But I have a dream of visiting Africa, there is just so many things I find beautiful there, definitely Africa! 
  1. Q: What is one piece of advice you would give a newly married couple? oh gosh I still feel newlywed... hubs and I are going to be starting our 5th year together come November, crazy how time flies! we started our family pretty fast...so if your newlywed I would wait a year before having kids and travel, make memories with just the two of you...if you started fast with making babies like we did, then make time for dates even if there at home dates make time for each other. 
  1. Q: What is the most important thing you wish for your boys? most important thing for my boys...hmm such a tuff question there is so much I wish for them.....I think the most important thing I wish for them is to be confident in who they are and what they are capable of learning and succeeding in. to be confident and to work hard at their dreams. 

  1. Q: How do you balance your life?  Are you the type of person who sticks to routines and schedules or easy going and laid back? I'm so laid back...I do have a small schedule, but I don't always stick to it. I haven't mastered the Balancing life part yet, still working on that.  
  1. Q: Are you a morning person or a night person? night person! I am always up after 10. always. unless I am to the point that mama bear needs to go to bed at the same time as kiddlets to be happy in the morning..
  1. Q: Besides blogging and crafting, what do you love to do on your spare time? Photography. I love to go out for a drive and take photographs. haven't been doing enough of that lately and I need to start taking more. I also love to run and swim.

  1. Q: If you could visit Hawaii what are 3 things off the top of your head that you must do once you get here?  first visit the beach and see the palm trees I LOVE palm trees when I went there for the first time I couldn't stop staring at them all, they are my favorite! second watch the sunset and then stay up all night to watch it rise...most beautiful you will ever see! promise! {Salena knows what I'm talking about!} then thirdly head over to see my Bloggy friend and meet her and her family!! I think that would be so fun! 
  1. Q: How was your school years and how do you wish for things to be different for your boys? oh school years...we don't like to think about those...no school years for me weren't very kind...and it wasn't just my peers that made it bad it was the counselors the teachers and almost everything in between..I hope that in my kids school years that their teachers will support them, tell them that they can accomplish anything, and guide them in the direction of more education so they can accomplish their dreams. 

  1. Q: Who is the most inspiring person to you at the moment? There are so many people that inspire me. of course many women in the blog world and my brother who just graduated High school and got himself a great job, but I think the most inspiring person has got to be my dad, he knows how to work hard to provide for his family and even though he didn't have an education, you wouldn't know it. That man is smart and I am proud of what he has accomplished so far in his life and I can't wait to finally see what he is working on right now. 
I love the way she calls her boys Kiddlets don't you?  Please check out her blog, leave an encouraging word.  You can check out her photography here.



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richelle jean said...

i love this! i respect you mamas so much.. inspires me for when I become one one day (God-willing!) amazing interview.