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Monday, September 5, 2011

Tuesday Ten:: Ten things you probably don't know about me

Ten things you probably don’t know about me

1.        I was born and raised in Hawai’i.

2.    When I was in elementary school I attended Japanese school.  I had a very hard time and I do not remember anything.

3.    I am Hawaiian, Japanese, Filipino, and French.

4.    I have been told many times that I look Spanish and Indian.  In recent days, I have been told that I look like Kimora Lee Simmons.

5.    My Name is spelled SALENA.  No matter how many times people see the correct spelling, they still write my name out as Selena, Saleena, Seleena, or Salina.

6.    In my family, my son and my youngest daughter have only one middle name.  The rest of us have two.

7.    My husband and I were born on the same year, at the same hospital and also went to see Whitney Houston as our first concert (years before we ever met).

8.   I have an obsession for filling out forms or anything with fill in the blanks.

9.     My son, Kapono is named after the famous Henry Kapono of the group “C and K” (Cecilio and Kapono) here in Hawaii.

10.  I won two round trip tickets to the destination of my choice anywhere within the 50 states the day before I got engaged.  We used it on our Honeymoon and went to Alaska.
All my heart,

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Anonymous said...

I sure hope I never spelled your name wrong! If I ever did I'm so sorry! It's a major pet peeve of mine! Mental note: Remember your spelling! ;-D Love Ya Salena! Take Care, Cathy

Marianne said...

Nice to meet you, Salena. I found your post on It's a Crafty Life. I've never been to Hawaii, but I hear it's wonderful!

Pidg said...

Oh I liked this one! I feel like you and I are "growing up" together since we seemed to jump in around the same time...and here in the South they would call you Saay-leen-uh Haha! They probably would spell it that way too!

Kim said...

How lucky to win that trip the day before your wedding!! Alaska and Hawaii have to be two of the most beautiful states in our country, so you are one lucky girl. :-)

Nicole@MissMommy said...

I love this post because I now know a bit more about you :) Thanks for linking up and all your support :) xx

Jamie said...

Ooooooh, I love forms and fill in the blanks, too!

Sweet coincidences with you and your hubby! :0)