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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Share Your Joy:: Cherished Moments

Snuggling in bed with Dakota while Aleshanee was at school and Hayden was napping.  I’m going to miss these moments when she starts Kindergarten next year.

Aleshanee and Dakota spent the night at Grandma’s with all their cousins and I got to have baby and me alone time which is rare.  Her little personality came shining through. 

Saphire and Aaliyah came to visit and we got to catch up while the girls were playing.  I miss having my older kids around.  At the moment they all live here on the Island but we hardly see each other because of all our different schedules.

All my heart,

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Pidg said...

Oh so sweet... I know what you mean my oldest is out at school in Utah and can't come home for the holidays... We have to enjoy the moments we're blessed with!

highheels2flipflops said...

Ah, laying in bed and snuggling...my favorite thing to do! I LOVE little girls hair on top of her head like that in a pony! So cute!!