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Friday, April 5, 2013


Have you lost what it is to be human?

Something has been on my heart lately.  It's so easy to be hurt by others for the simple fact that you cannot control someone else.  I'm a sensitive, compassionate, and understanding person by nature.  Anyone can have a problem or be down and I will be the one who can see the brighter side of what's going on.  I feel for others when they are hurting as if I'm the one going through it.  I put myself in their shoes and analyze the entire situation and can see hope.  My husband pointed out to me that just because I'm that way does not mean everyone will have the same approach or thinking as me.  I can understand that.  Except for when it comes to how people deal with me.

What hurts is when others approach me differently than I would them.  Which causes me to doubt myself, what I think, and what I believe in.  It causes me to hold back and be someone I'm not.  It makes me question myself and wonder if I should just keep my thoughts and feelings to myself so others don't judge me.  The response goes two ways.  Either you will be praised for being so kind and optimistic with a rare loving heart or be called too soft, weak, and naive.

The way I see things and people is simple.  When it comes down to it, we are all human.
We have all been made equal in the eyes of God.
Being human means that at any given time, we WILL all make mistakes.  period.
We make mistakes because we are human.
We are NOT our mistakes.  We are all equal.

We all have feelings, get hurt, worry, get scared, feel overwhelmed.  It happens at all different times for each of us.  Even in someone who can be so evil, I can have compassion because I know we all posses the same reality of being hurt, sad, scared, overwhelmed, alone, etc.

Deep down inside each of us, we are the same.  It's the way God designed us.  Take away our culture, how we were raised, our education, our careers, our family and friends... When everything is stripped away, we are all the same.

Does this open your eyes to how you treat others?  What about the way you expect to be treated by others that does not always turn out the way you want?

Will you live with the intention to be compassionate to those around you because we are all the same?  Think about it.

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King Eddie said...

That's a tough topic. If only compassion didn't have so many meanings in the eyes of each individual. Or maybe more so, if compassion didn't have such different prerequisites from each individual. I envy your ability to look inward as well as outward. Unfortunately, myself, and the rest of the world lack said ability.

ramsaygrace said...

I've always leaned toward compassionate myself, so I understand that feeling and the desire to help others. Unfortunately, sometimes my good intentions don't turn out so well....but my heart is usually in the right place. Enjoyed your post!