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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm a Blog Angel

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You may remember back in June that I took part in being a blog angel for the month. This is the second round of blog angels and I am so happy to be doing this again.  Today marks the half way point and all the blog angels are linking up to share how it's going so far. I have no clue who my blog angel is. It may be due to my lack of posts recently due to so much happening in my family lately.

1. How have you found the experience of helping out a fellow blogger?

This is my second time being a blog angel and I have found this time to be a bit more challenging. So much has been going on in my family which has distracted me from being a good angel this time around.

2. Do you feel like you are making a difference?

With my angel that I'm assigned to, no... not yet. I have been visiting them but haven't done much to interact yet. My angel is not very active on her blog so it's been a little challenging to reach out without being totally obvious.

3. How easy/difficult, fun/horrendous is it in reality?

I find it being difficult this time because I have so many things going on and my angel is not very active, I haven't made it a priority. But in a way it's been easy because of the lack of posts. I visit every so often but there's nothing new going on.

4. What have you learned from taking part in Blog Angels so far?

It takes planning, effort, and careful thought to help someone else and keep it a secret. It makes me grateful for the angel that is watching over me and my blog because I know what's involved. It's making me realize that I need a plan so I know my angel will be looked after.

This time around it's been a little more challenging so I must remind myself that I signed up to help and encourage someone else. It's my responsibility and I need to keep my word so they are not left hanging.

If you are interested in becoming a blog angel and having one assigned to you as well, the next round is happening in October with sign ups mid September.


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