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Monday, July 2, 2012

A Picture Says A Thousand Words... moving on

Today we went to the pool.  Something we rarely do, especially not by myself since Hayden is older now and won't stay in a pack-n-play.  My neighbors were on their way to the pool as usual, they go every day but this time she begged me to go inside with her and let the girls swim.  I went back home, got all our stuff and got in the water with Aleshanee and Hayden.  Hayden kept jumping to me from the steps but she wouldn't let me hold her or keep my hands on her to keep her afloat.  She had her puddle jumper on but kept inhaling the water because she was so excited and wanted to swim all by herself.

Dakota was sitting at the steps with her feet in the water as usual.  Something she has always done since her accident.  If you have not read about her accident yet, you can read it here.  This post will make a lot more sense if you do.  Before we were headed out of the pool back to the playground, I asked Dakota one last time if she was sure she didn't want to come inside.

Surprisingly... she agreed and let me carry her in the water.  I was so proud of her!!

It took 13 months to the date of her accident (June 2, 2011) and close to the exact time that she became responsive in the emergency room.

She has talked about her drowning all this time and has been so terrified to get back in the water.  Asking very detailed questions and dissecting my every answer about that day.

I had to force her to get out because she did not want to leave.  I am so happy that she is moving on and that we trusted her to make the choice on her own.  Her face was so filled with joy when we were swimming around in the water.  She would not let go of my neck but I know she will be okay and that's all that matters. 


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Reannah @ {Shaped by Grace} said...

What a brave girl! Way to go Dakota!! xoxo

Chelsea said...

I just read the full story and my heart goes out to you and Dakota, Salena. Someone up there wanted her to live her life, and I am so glad she is doing it. I feel so proud for her to be able to jump back in, she is amazing!! And you are one strong mama.

A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

How wonderful it is to see young ones let go of their fears.... now if only we adults could follow their examples.

Ashley said...

She looks so happy in the water. So glad she was able to face her fears and put some of that behind her.

Kate @ A Creative Cookie said...

Woo hoo Dakota! Glad she took her first step toward facing her fears. :)

Stephanie Jones said...

Awwwwwww! YAY! Congratulations Dakota! Her story was the first one I read when I started following you!