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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day and A Dad's Life Video

My husband had to work this Father's Day which he usually does every year.  I failed because the girls and I went to sleep so late the night before that we did not wake up till noon when he was walking out the door.  He comes home around midnight so I made Cinnamon Sugar Bread and had the girls make him cards.  We got out the stamp case and card stock and got to work.  Surprisingly they did fairly well without getting the ink all over themselves.  Hayden however managed to stamp herself up after we were done when I was not looking.

When daddy came home the girls were so excited but they ran to hide instead.  They told me to give him their cards first.   I handed him the cards and told him what it was and they came running out screaming to greet him, yes... at midnight.

There were many smiles, hugs, and kisses.  Surprisingly daddy also posed for a photo without hesitation.

Hoping to be more on top of things next Father's Day!!

 I leave you with this video which features my son-in-law and my granddaughter.  He and my daughter Ashley helped to make the video for their Father's Day service.  It's pretty Hilarious!!


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frikken DUCKIE said...

So cute! I just stumbled upon your blog and I just had to follow you! I'm from Hawaii but I've been away from home for a long time so I get really excited when I find other bloggers from Hawaii too. Hope you don't mind! ^_^

♥ Duckie.