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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our week

You may be wondering where I've been this past week.  My husband has been on vacation and home repairs have started.  We've been busy moving stuff around, de-cluttering, cleaning, organizing, and getting rid of stuff.  When Rudy is home, I have to fight him for share computer time.

We have been having fun this week.  It's nice to have daddy and mommy at the playground, the girls are so happy to have daddy home all day everyday for 10 days straight.  I love to see his reaction to how the girls play at the playground.  He does not have traditional work hours so he misses a lot with them.  Aleshanee only sees him 4 days out of the week because she's at school when he wakes up for work and leaves for the day.  By the time he comes home the girls are all asleep.

On Friday, Dakota (poor thing) had dental work done.  The nurse and I had to practically drag her through the door.  This was the first time she went back without Aleshanee so she did not want to go.  Later we all met up with my father-in-law.  We spent time at Toys R Us where everyone got something except me and my father-in-law.  The girls were really happy.  Hayden got a Lalaloopsy purse and she held on to that thing all night, during her nap on the ride home and she had it in bed with her when she went to sleep that night.  Grandpa said she looks sassy with her purse.  =)
Saturday, Aleshanee had a birthday party for a classmate at Chuck E. Cheese.  We all went but she did not want to sit by her friends at the party table.  It took her a long time to warm up even though the mom, grandma, her teacher and principal were all there whom she sees everyday.

I had to look decent for the party so I did something new with my hair and had time to do my makeup.  Yay!!  It's always the case that I look presentable when I leave and feel good until I look at my reflection, yeah, wasn't happening.  I got home snapped a new photos and these turned out great, with a "little" help from instagram.  =)  It's all about the lighting people!!  Hahaha!

Oh and for those who have been asking...

"Your skin looks great!  What do you do and what do you use?!!"

The truth?  Yeah, you'll hate me...


yup, it's true.  If I remember to wash my face when I take a shower, I'm lucky.  Otherwise I just rinse my face in the shower.

Thank you for the compliments, you are too kind.  =)

Sunday we met my father-in-law for Dim Sum down in Chinatown.  The girls were so hungry they ate a. lot. We then walked down through Chinatown to get some pastries my father-in-law ordered for us then did a little shopping for produce.  Everything is so cheap there and fresh.  On our way home we decided to visit the brand new Super Walmart out in Kapolei.  It was a nice drive out there since the girls and I haven't been out there in a long time.

Monday we BBQ'd at the pool while the girls played at the playground with daddy then sat with their feet in the pool waiting anxiously for their food.  Everyone was so hungry.

Yesterday our home repairs started.  There is only one guy assigned to our job.  He's here for the duration of our job, he's from Seattle.  Poor thing is dying in the heat and humidity here.  I have learned a lot about how the house is built and what they do to make sure the house is secure.  He is pretty impressive and everything is moving so fast.  The repairs are turning out to be much more pleasant than we thought and he and the superintendent is so very nice and helpful.  If you ever need a contractor, I highly suggest Porter Construction.

Here's the temporary wall that was put up.  The smell of cedar is so strong in our house.  Turns out I think I'm allergic to these things.  The guy said all wood is treated and sprayed with chemicals to preserve the wood in our weather.  Must be allergic to the chemicals.  I've been sneezing, having runny nose, itchy, watery, sore, puffy eyes since it was put up.  I took a benadryl today and totally forgot I did.  Rudy was asking me all day... "are you sleeping again!?"  I would just pass out wherever I was.  Then I remembered taking the benadryl when I woke up.  I am so tired I need to get to bed.

Till next time...


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Sadie Dear said...

You have such a lovely family! And you're so fortunate for that perfect skin. ;)

Nichole @ Yeung Mother Hubbard said...

Salena, you are gorgeous!!! And if we ever meet in person, let's go to Chinatown and have dim sum! Yummmm, dim sum might be in my future this weekend.... Drooling now.

Nichole @ Yeung Mother Hubbard said...

Salena, you are gorgeous!!! And if we ever meet in person, let's go to Chinatown and have dim sum! Yummmm, dim sum might be in my future this weekend.... Drooling now.

grace said...

cute pics of the girls! I admit to a little jealousy as well about the skin thing...I've always had problems in that department....and I'm 35 for crying out loud. (i.e. isn't bad skin supposed to be a high school thing???) lol =)