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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Guest Post:: "Mommy Senses" :: Amanda @ Raising Miss Mommy

Today's guest post comes from the beautiful Amanda who blogs over at Raising Miss Mommy.  If you have not heard of her before, head on over to her blog at the end of this post to check it out.

My name is Amanda from the blog Raising Miss Mommy,  I'm so excited to be guest posting here today.  Salena is so sweet and I adore her blog!  Today I thought I would share my thoughts on a topic I call mommy senses.   The title mother doesn't really paint the best picture of what a woman is really transformed into after being blessed with a baby {and I have to note that this includes all mothers... adoptive, birth, single dads.  I firmly believe there is more than one way to become a mommy}.  I think titles like super-human, super-mom, or super-awesome would be more fitting.

This transformation into mommyhood brings on the mommy senses.  A super version of what they used to be.

Here's a breakdown...

Mommy sight:  You see things not noticeable to the untransformed eye...  The wobbly legs of a baby first learning to stand and walk.  The single strand of hair your baby managed to find crawling around and is now sneakily trying to eat.  The red eyes baby gets when it's time for bed.  The millions of sharp corners on furniture and around the house that you swore used to be rounded.  You can tell what your baby is about to do or what they just finished doing based on the look they have on their face. This face says, "alright mommy, I just did something bad and I'm probably going to need a new diaper STAT!"

Mommy hearing:  You hear things differently, it's like your baby's voice is a dog whistle and you're the dog.  All of a sudden you can decipher your child's ten different cries when all your life every crying baby sounded the same.  You are instantly fluent in baby babble and feel like your baby is speaking directly to you.  You are aware of every little noise around you... the car turning onto your street a mile away while your child is playing safely inside {I mean they could crash through the front door, right?!}.

Mommy nose:  Your sense of smell becomes incredibly tolerable of those things that once made you gag.  Poop really isn't so bad, you don't even rush to get the diaper changed.  The crazy combinations of mushed up food smell like the most delectable meal.  You don't even notice that you haven't been able to shower for a week because the heavenly scent of your little baby cancels out your stink.  You can smell all the dangerous things more strongly... cigarette smoke, powerful cleaners, things like that.

Mommy touch:  You find yourself wanting to touch everything, explore just like your baby does.  You also become extremely aware of your own skin, how soft it is, if it's too dry.  You wouldn't want your little one's baby soft skin to have to touch your overly dry hands {if you're anything like me}.  You can even feel temperature more clearly now... your baby's bath water being just a degree too warm, whether or not they have a fever just from kissing their forehead.

Mommy taste:  Suddenly a sip of formula is a tasty little treat or testing your own breast milk doesn't seem strange or gross.  Eating mashed vegetables seems like a yummy and effective way to get your own daily amount of veggies.  Forget about adult food forever... mac-n-cheese and pb&j's for life!

Mommy sixth sense:  You just have a more in tuned sense about the world around you.  I also like to call this mommy paranoia.  It can be a good and crazy {I won't say bad haha} thing.  I like to stick with it just makes you that more awesome.

What are your mommy senses like? Thanks Salena for having me!  I hope you enjoyed my post, I'd love for you to come say hello.

xoxo, Salena


Sue said...

Love her :) This is a great post!

Sue said...
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Amanda @ Raising Miss Mommy said...

Thanks so much for having me!!! :)

Motherhood Is Messy said...

Amanda, my blog buddy this post is excellent!!! I love they way you broke down all of our mommy senses.