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Friday, March 23, 2012

Guest Post:: The Lovely Ladies of Embrace Your Life

I am honored to have the beautiful inspirational ladies of  Embrace Your Life here today.  I was so happy they asked to swap blogs with me.  After you read their lovely words, head on over to their blog to see how I Embrace My Life.

Hey all you A Little Piece Of Me readers! We are so honored to be apart of Salena's blog this month & take it over for the day! :) Thanks for letting us Salena!

We are the writers of Embrace Your Life. 
Embrace your life is a place where we encourage & inspire others. A place where we hope to help other's Embrace the life they live. We embrace the beauty of this amazing journey through life. We hope to give you a brighter outlook on the journey in front of you. Here we will laugh & we will cry together! We will embrace life with a passion for every goal reached, every step taken, every set back, every fear. At Embrace Your Life, we want you to be able to look at life through new eyes! Here, we try to find the brighter outlook in a world of dark.
Today we are going to share with you why we Embrace Life.

This is me. After a busy day - grass is still on my leggings, the yard is scattered with toys. My husband is sitting next to me and the boys are to the left of this picture running around. This right here is one of the reason I embrace life. The pure simplicity of this beautiful life. God gives me a chance to live everyday that he wakes me up. Did you read that - he gives me a chance. How can I not embrace every part of life when he is giving me the opportunity too? I embrace life because God wants me to embrace it, I embrace life because you only get this one life to live - so I believe in living it.


Every morning I wake up. God allows me to wake up every morning. He has a purpose for me every single day. Whatever it might be, and typically I have no clue what His purpose is, I try to remember that every day that God wakes me up in the morning is another day I get to live for Him. I try to embrace life for that day according to what I think He has planned for me. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes I'm waaaaay off and it doesn't. But that is why I embrace life! :)

Why do I embrace life? Because it's the only way to live. I believe in always looking at the sunny side of everything and making my version of how life should be, how life is. It's important to forget the mistakes of the past and move on to a brighter future with lessons learned. I'm not perfect, I know this, so working on improving myself and becoming who I want to be is far greater than tearing others down to make myself "feel" better. I live in faith that as long as I'm true to who I am, and I am embracing my life to the best of my ability, everything else will fall into place.

Embracing life is something I've been accustomed to for a while now.  In over 11 years of marriage, my husband and I have walked the journey of stillbirth and miscarriage.  We've been through three separate events which nearly cost me my life.  We've had two daughters, the youngest of whom {age 5} has multiple special needs and is medically fragile.  My faith has been shaken and I spent a lot of time focusing on the negative rather than the positive.   In 2010, when we were facing repeated illnesses with my daughter, we came to a point where her very life was at stake each and every time.  I came to lean on my husband, church family and friends like never before.  I began to accept that God wasn't angry at me for something and He wasn't punishing me for anything by putting us through all these trials.  Once I stopped blaming God and being angry with Him, I began to learn how important it is to embrace this very life that we have been given.  He has given each and every one of us but one life to live.  He desires that we embrace this opportunity to make the most of our lives with what He has given us and in the circumstances He has placed us in.  Our pastor has often said that God has created each of us for a purpose and we are all uniquely placed where we are, in the time we are in, for a purpose.  Our very existence is fragile.  We have no idea how long or short it might be.  We must live our lives to the full - not with wild, reckless abandon, but according to His will and plan for us - through whatever situation we may be in.  It is a mission of mine to blog about the places where I find the joys and blessings in my life in the hopes that they might help others to see that there is joy and there is blessing to be found, even in the midst of struggle.  That is how I embrace my life. Thanks so much Salena for having us here today! It was a pleasure! :)

Thank you Cassie, Skye, Digger, and Sarah for visiting today!!

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xoxo, Salena


Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Thanks so much for having us Salena! :)

Kristina Torrejon said...

found your blog on Our Reflection. Great post about motherhood! I enjoyed getting to know and hearing more of you life experiences. Happy to follow you!