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Monday, March 12, 2012

A Day At The Playground

Everyday Daddy leaves for work and tells me "take them to the playground".  Well, with the weather we've been having we have been stuck in the house for quite some time now.  Today I packed our bag, got the girls ready and headed out the door.  There were a few drizzles and I was hesitant to go but the girls were so excited to be outside so we headed over to the playground.

Hayden is growing up so fast.  Today I got to sit back on the bench and watch them play without her scaring us half to death by swinging from and hanging on to the stair railing.  She is much more stable in her walking and climbing stairs and can finally keep up with her sisters.  It was nice to watch them in peace and not to have her give me a heart attack every few minutes with her daredevil self.

We were not out long when it started to rain.  I tried to stay out as long as I could but the rain became heavier and it did not look like it was going to stop.  The girls were disappointed and did not want to leave.  They don't mind a little rain and getting wet but I just do not want to be caught in a downpour on our walk home even though it is a short way.  Our area is damp which brings out a lot of mosquitoes.  This is the main reason we don't go outside everyday especially when it's been raining.

They were excited because some of the neighbors were out and they got to see friends who are usually there when we go.  Hopefully everything dries up soon and the weather turns warm and sunny so we can stay out longer.
xoxo, Salena

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