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Friday, February 24, 2012

Side walk chalk and Hopscotch

My girls go through art supplies and sidewalk chalk like water.  They are so creative, always creating something and surprising me.  When they get the chance to play out front on the sidewalk, they draw the cutest pictures.  I love to see how their artwork is evolving and was quite surprised by what they have been coming up with recently.

I remember playing hopscotch when I was little but can't remember how to play.  I usually draw it wrong.  Does the end of the hopscotch have 2 spaces or only 1?  Aleshanee tells me, "it's okay mom, it's okay, it's fine".  They throw a rock and hop along with so much determination and joy in their hearts.  Pushing each other away for their turn because they are so excited to play.

Hayden being too young to understand, tries to hop all over the hopscotch to copy her sisters.  It's the cutest thing to watch.  She just laughs and goes again.  We have a set of stairs outside our place going up to the neighbors house and Hayden keeps sneaking her way up there.  I have the cutest picture of her "escaping" up the stairs with a handful of rocks.  Unfortunately she doesn't like to keep her clothes on so no picture of her for this post.  =)  She is growing up so fast, too fast.  Even so, it makes me proud to see how grown up she is and what she can accomplish on her own, like stairs.

Time moves so fast.  I love being home enjoying these moments with them.


xoxo, Salena
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Sarah B. said...

I miss sidewalk chalk! And I used to be the hopscotch queen!! ;)

C.LEE said...

So fun! You are such a darling mommy! Thanks for sharing lovie! xoxo