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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Craft Fair

The Mililani Mauka Christmas Craft Fair was this past weekend.  I had planned long ago when my mom first mentioned to me she bought a table that I would make a lot of stuff to sell that day.  Well, that did not happen.  Not only did I not make the huge batch of new stuff that I wanted to make, I got sick a couple days before.  Not just a cold but hook me up and keep me attached to the nebulizer breathing machine sick.

I decided the night before that I would try to come up with a few things to take if I felt well enough to go.  I was really happy with what I made but my girls would not cooperate and kept touching all my supplies.  I went to bed feeling like I would not go and fell asleep without gathering anything up for the next day.

Here is my mom's table with all her crafts.  She worked for 3 months straight making all her amazing things.  Her last addition to this bunch was all her different angry bird plushies.

I am trying to convince my mom to open an etsy shop but until then all her creations are sitting in her sewing room waiting for new homes.  If any of you are interested in anything  you see here, let me know.  Oh!  And the picture does not show it but you see the red table cloth?  Under the table is a ton more stuff.  She just put out a few of everything and kept re-stocking.  There were big bins full of her stuff so there is a lot more than is shown on the table.

When I woke up that morning I was not feeling well.  I could not breathe good and had to go on the machine before I even got out of bed.  My 2 older ones out of the three little girls woke up so I decided to get ready and go to the craft fair even though it started at 9am and it was almost 11am.  The girls were so excited to go.

My mom bought this beautiful rot iron bust and brought it for me to display my crocheted leis on it but I forgot all of them.

I got there late and rushed to get all my stuff displayed.  I love how it turned out.  It was perfect.

I put together this necklace shortly after I set out the entire display.  Put it out on the display while a friend was browsing and she took it right off and bought it.  I love this one a lot.  A couple of hair clips went home with her along with this necklace.  I forgot to take pictures of those before I wrapped it up and handed them over to her.  I was rushing and wasn't feeling well.  Lesson learned for the next time.

This next necklace is one of my first pieces that I made when I decided to open my etsy shop.  So many people love it.  This one was also bought that day.

Showing up towards the end of the day did not work in my favor.  I did not make any more sales for the rest of the time but I was so happy that others loved my creations and wanted it for themselves.

I love the way my display turned out and was surprised at how amazing all my creations looked.  I took this photo and edited it a few times then created a shop button below.  In fact, based on this picture alone I changed my shop name from "Naluana Creations" to "A Little Piece of Me Shop".  I was torn between changing the name since my original creations were more things from Hawaii or Hawaiian type accessories.  This is with stock I have had from things I've made way back.

Since I started my blog and am creating new things that I love, the name to match my blog seemed more appropriate and so does this picture and new shop button.  I'm excited and once I feel better I'm going to re-stock my shop and add the few new things I created just for the craft fair that did not sell.

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Katie said...

Your stuff looks great! And your mom should definitely open an etsy shop! or just add her stuff to yours!

Lisa @ Organized Chaos said...

I love the way your things are displayed. It's really eye catching! Your mom is also very talented...a great combination of things you guys have! I love craft fairs, but I haven't been to one in ages. The necklace your friend bought is really nice...I love the dangling bobble on it~

Lil' Woman said...

Your merch is great, I love the second to last necklace!