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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Three Months... not what I expected

Two days ago, this blog turned 3 months old.  When I started this blog, I did it so that I would have an outlet to share things that were on my heart, things that I am passionate about, things that I think need to be shared with others, things I am going through, random stuff, funny stuff… all in order to inspire others by sharing a little piece of me in this space, my own personal blog.

In the last 3 months I have been myself, open, real, honest, fearful yet knowing that what I have to say could impact the heart and ultimately the life of another.

I had no idea that each of you, who take the time to read my words, leave comments and follow me, were going to have such an impact on my life.
I have never met any of you in person, yet I feel there are some of you who are dear friends.  I wonder sometimes, if we would hit it off and pick up where we left off in blog-land.  Would the distractions of every day life with our kids in tow hinder us from the deep and rich soul bearing connections I sometimes feel we have by reading each other’s words?

For me, it is easy to connect on chat, Facebook, email, blog posts, and blog comments.  It allows me to respond the way I need to when I am able to without the pressure of forming my thoughts in person with my kids screaming, crying, tugging at me, and the many other daily things we all need to tend to.

I write this to acknowledge how grateful I am for those of you who have become friends, for those of you who are here constantly to encourage me and to offer your thoughts to the words I feel need to be shared.

When I first thought of starting my own blog, I just kept repeating to myself… “I am not a writer”.  I mean, who am I to write anything?  I am not grammatically correct; honestly, I have no clue about the structure of sentences and what types of words belong where.  But I thought, hey just be myself.  I think I do a pretty good job of using punctuation well enough to get my point across… well, I hope I do.

The one thing I have learned is I am drawn to those who are real and honest.  I am drawn by those who share things others would not dare to speak.  I noticed that when I do the same, I get the most comments.  We as human beings need to be validated in what we are going through and to know what we are thinking is normal, that we are okay.  No matter what we share there are others who can relate and who are there to encourage us in ways we would never imagine.

I believe that we are each placed at this specific time for a reason.  We are surrounded by people who God wants us to reach out to and by those God wants to use to reach out to us.  A friend made a comment recently... "I know who my REAL friends are because those are the ones who have stayed with me all these years and will NEVER leave me".  Well, you see, I see it differently.  People come into our lives when we need them and some go when they have served their purpose.  I believe that God molds us, teaches us lessons we need to learn, encourages us, brings us out of despair, shows us love, and so much more by carefully planning every encounter between us.  I am grateful for those who have served their purpose in my life and how their impact has changed my life.

I pray that my blog will be such an outlet for me to impact those around me.  


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Marissa@ Momma Rake said...

Beautiful girl! I feel the same way! XOXO!

fivejensenboyz said...

<3 it...congrats on your three months!

Momma Bird said...

keep it up!!!!!! :) happy 3 months :)

the lowes said...

just beautifully said...and so true. Im so glad i found your blog today friend...blessings!

Lil' Woman said...

Happy 3 months :)

Kenya G. Johnson said...

That was beautiful Salena. I though you had been around longer. You are doing very good!

folkhaven said...

I just found you today and am so glad I did. This is beautifully written! I look forward to seeing more of your blog in the days to come.

{K} said...

All wonderful, wise quotes. Thanks for sharing! :)