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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Homework Nightmare

My First Grader

When the school bus pulls up in front of our house, I am so excited to see my daughter.  I ask her about her day, give her big hugs and walk arm in arm into the house as she passes me her backpack.  

I have this obsession, no one really knows about it and those who do think I'm weird, sick in the head and just plain crazy.  My obsession is FORMS.  I love forms, announcements, notes, letters, mail, calendars, you see where I'm going with this.  Before we even get into the house I'm trying to open her backpack to see what she has for me.  But maybe I'll elaborate on this subject another time.

When I take out her homework folder and planner, I literally feel overwhelmed.  I mean, as a mom of three little ones it's the norm around here daily.  I dread the homework.  Husband is at work, the two little ones have needs, whining and screaming in the background like the world is going to end.  How is anyone supposed to focus and concentrate in this chaos?!  My daughter has special needs so homework time for a simple worksheet and reading usually takes hours to complete.  The whining and screaming continue as does the tugging, climbing, and non stop questions from the other two.

Is this supposed to be so hard?!

Then there is the homework problems that appear to be so easy but then I sit and ponder, is this what they mean?  I look at my daughter and I'm like "I have no idea what this is".  Yes, I know, way to be confident and able to help my child right?  I'd just hate to see her to go school the following day and the teacher mark her paper wrong.  How heartbreaking.

Schools should seriously have classes for parents to teach us how to help our children with the homework being assigned.  Even simple things could be misunderstood and therefore my child will get it marked wrong if I think it's right and teach it to her that way.  This is only first grade and my younger two are not even in school yet.  I can see this getting worse as the grades progress.  Lord, help me.


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