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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Suddenly it gets harder to breathe...

Today, I am missing my 2 angel babies.  While searching through pinterest I came across these words which hit me hard.

There will always be a mix of emotions when I remember my babies.  It comes out of nowhere.  Including on the long drive to the hospital where I was heading to on March 20th to help deliver my granddaughter.

The loss, grief, pain, sadness, emptiness... yet the overwhelming joy of how much those two angels have changed out lives.  Because of the short time they were with us, not only have my husband and I been changed forever but we are helping others with our story.

The grief of losing a child, even at 11-1/2 weeks and 9-1/2 weeks gestation/in-utero, will always bring a huge wave of all kinds of emotions.  This I believe is the blessing that they have brought to our lives.

Today my heart is hurting, my eyes are filled with tears and in this moment I am trying to catch my breath.



1 comment:

Jessica Watson said...

It's amazing how the pain never seems to go away but, as you said, goes in waves. Hope tomorrow the waves are a little easier on you.