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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lately... it includes a precious bundle of joy

Hello everyone!  This post is brought to you by the sweet shout out that Em from And Nothing Else Matters posted on twitter today.

I thought I would stop in and give you a little update.  I want to say I've been busy but the truth is I have been very distracted.  So much has been going on around here, which I know I've said the last few times I've checked in.  So much so that I feel overwhelmed at where to start sharing it all with you.

You all know how I love to include photos in ALL my posts so I have been feeling stuck because I haven't been able to edit my photos like I had in the past.  No photos = no valid posts, well that's how I see it in my mind anyway.

So here's a little of what's been going on around here...
We have a new baby!  Well, not me.  I have a new granddaughter, her name is Allie.  She's 15 days old today.  She is number 4.

Here's the pics I've been meaning to post all these months.

This is the joy we have been soaking in lately...

See?  Wouldn't you be distracted to the point of being overwhelmed on where to start up blogging again? ;)  Baby Allie is such a precious cutie.  She has a velociraptor screech which sounds like straight out of the Jurassic Park movie that will scare you to death.  Such a small thing with such a loud screech, we just have no idea where it comes from.  Hahaha!

Oh and did I mention they all moved in with us?  Yes, a full house... literally.  Well, not a house, It's a townhouse.  You get the idea.

Allie has the cutest nickname that she got from her parents before she was born... Allie-gator.  Awe... I love it, do you love it?  She loves to snuggle to sleep in her daddy's arms.  Has her days mixed up so sleeps during the day and keeps her parents up at night.  She hates the sun but they take her for walks anyway.  As you can see in her first picture above with her sunglasses... you can't see it but she's asleep with her eyes squinting under there.

The little girls are so in love with her and always want to carry her and touch her.

So there's a little recap on that subject.  There's many more to come.  Thanks to Em for getting me started with this post!

Something new coming soon to my shop...


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1 comment:

Em @ And Nothing Else Matters said...

Yay! Sweet Allie is just gorgeous, these newborn moments are so so precious and worth soaking in that's for sure. Goes far too quickly, and I just love what an awesomely devoted grandmother you are, seriously wonderful.