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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Joyfully Free

Over the past couple of months, this is what's been going on over here... Dakota is swimming on her own!  My last update was that she let go of one of her older sisters while in the pool and started swimming on her own with her puddle jumper.  Shortly after, she asked me to take of her puddle jumper and she wanted to try swimming on her own.  She didn't do well at all and kept sinking like a rock, total dead weight and had no arm and leg coordination or the ability to keep herself up.  However, within a few days she mastered it.  Just had to keep reminding her to be aware of her breathing and not getting to tired while she tried to cross the pool.  She has been doing great!

I am beyond excited to tell you that she has no more fear in her eyes at all.  She is filled with complete joy and is finally free from all fear and anxiety from her accident.

I love watching her swim.  She is now dunking her head under water and with her goggles she tries very hard to swim underwater.  She's a fighter.  She will try and not give up until she gets it.  We are so proud of her.  In her own time, she broke through the fear.  We didn't ever push her.  God was working on her each and every day since her accident.  He knew what He was doing, we just needed to sit back and trust His timing.  When that day came, she broke out of her shell so quickly and totally with no hesitation and no going back.

Dakota just celebrated her 5th birthday.  She has grown so much in this last year and I can see first hand the amazing things God has done with her.

If you are not familiar with her story, you can read about the accident here.  To read the entire thread related to this topic you can read about it here.

Thank you for all your prayers, kind words of encouragement and loving support.


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Kristine Foley said...

Tears!! Happy ones!!!! XOXOXO

Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog