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Monday, October 1, 2012

Revive Your Marriage || .your sex life.

disclaimer:  If you are my child and had the courage to open this post, you have been warned to close it and move on to something else.  ;)
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Each week there will be a devotional and a CHALLENGE.

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This topic has always been a hard one in our marriage.  We are not the typical couple where the husband wants s*x all the time or initiates all the time.  We are opposite. 

Typically it's the husband who
desires it
obsesses about it
can't keep his hands off his wife
thinks about it all day
... but this is me 

Typically it's the wife who
makes excuses
does not desire it
will not initiate
only thinks about how to avoid it
puts it off
doesn't want to be touched
does not think about it at all
... but this is my husband

We are the opposite.  This gets pretty frustrating.  We were designed by God very differently and some of our challenges come with different health challenges and some medicines we are taking.  Finding balance is so hard.  For the typical couple it's hard enough but with us being opposites we have yet to come across a sermon at church or resources which touch on this type of situation.

I know we are not the only one but have yet to come across another couple with such extremes as we are.  If you are in the same boat as us, please  contact me, I'd love to hear how you handle your intimacy and make it work.  We've been married 15 years and still have to work on it.

The challenge for me will be to keep being myself and to pray for my husband and I to have the patience for one another and our differences.

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AbsoluteMommy said...

You are so brave. It takes you know whats to write about sex in a public forum! You go girl!

Mrs. Hokulani said...

First off, Dad isn't even allowed to LOOK at you or you'll get pregnant AGAIN!!!! Secondly, I think it's a myth that men want it more. All women I know are the ones initiating. I think it's because we feel secure and loved in our relationships and that in turn allows us to feel things and to trust our husband. However with men, it's because they know that they can have it whenever they want so they don't feel the need to get busy all day every day. Just when the mood strikes.

Just a thought. Either way, I can't participate seeing as my hubby is deployed. (:

Mrs. Hokulani said...

Okay only AFTER I read it and post it do I notice the super tiny disclaimer at the top! You cheater!

isshounoyakusoku said...

i love the disclaimer at the top! and i love that your daughter read it with an open mind and commented as a spectator! that shows what an amazing relationship you two have! :) i'm not married, so i can't exactly give input on this matter but i want to comment on your courage (like i always do)! i don't think i would have the (pardon my language, but for lack of better terms) balls to post something like this! you're so brave and it was an extremely educational read! :)

Jelli said...

I can't wait to read through this whole series. What a helpful bunch of posts. Any marriage can always improve, right?! Thanks, Salena for your participation in the Delightful Deets giveaway. I can't wait to partner with you this month!

Kelly JS said...

I absolutely love the disclaimer! My mom and I have been pretty open about things like this. I think it's important. Your daughter is awesome for reading through this post and commenting! Thanks for linking up with Matrimonial Monday!!