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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An Update || Dakota's Story

For those of you who are familiar with Dakota's Story, you may want to grab a tissue.  For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, go grab a box of tissue and start here.  After you read that go here for the story thread.

It was only on June 2, 2012 on the first anniversary of Dakota's accident that she let me carry her into the pool.  With her arms wrapped tightly around my neck and her legs wrapped tightly around my waist.  Since then she's only been in the pool less than a hand full of times, clinging to me for dear life.

Two weeks ago we went to the pool with Saphire, Eddie, and Aaliyah.  The girls were in the pool with me and Dakota asked me to carry her in the water.  I reached for her under her arms, pulled her close as she wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me.  I walked around the pool for a while with her clinging to me the entire time.  I needed to get out so I asked Saphire to take her.  Dakota clung to her the same way she did to me.  Next thing I know, Dakota is traveling the wall all by HERSELF!  Saphire told her to grab on to the wall and she did.  I missed what happened but caught a glimpse of her when she completed her way around the pool.    

A short time later, Saphire needed to get out so Eddie took over.  Next thing I know, Dakota was swimming the length of the pool with Eddie close to her, all by HERSELF!!  She swam back and forth twice!  I did not even notice till she was already half way done.  


Here's Ashley and Dakota together in the pool for the first time since Dakota's accident.  Such a special time after going through so much.  To think the last time they were in the pool together was when Ashley pulled her out of the water and saved her life.  It gives me chills just thinking about it.

Ashley and I still have fears and anxiety when it comes to being at the pool and especially when we are out numbered by kids or if there are big crowds.  Dakota still talks about her accident in great detail and has so many questions.

We are all slowly moving forward and this is such a HUGE step that we are celebrating!!



I am so happy to hear that your daughter is doing well! Stacie xo

Shar Martinez said...

Aw!! SO proud of her and that she did well in the pool! Such cute pictures too! :)

♥ Shar

isshounoyakusoku said...

Children are so resilient! It amazes me! I'm so happy Dakota is slowly getting over her fear! Today, she tries to swim alone and before you know it, she'll be an Olympian! :) Hehe! But seriously though, she's already such a strong willed, high spirited little girl, I can't wait to see the woman she'll become! <3

Jessica Peters said...

I hadn't read Dakota's story before, but I am glad I did. So frightening what happened, but she is doing so well now! You were right, God was with her. He must have BIG plans. :)

BTW, I love that your daughter is named Dakota. That is my boyfriend's name. So I am a little biased ;)

No(dot dot)el said...

Wow, thanks for the story flash back. SO scary what happened, but I'm so happy for your lil Dakota that she was able to cross over such a huge fear based experience. What a great pic of her and her is that her big sister?