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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dear Life...

Look who I ran into just roaming the streets all the way over here on O'ahu!!

Just kidding.

Tracy is here in Hawaii to get her son moved and settled for college.  I knew Tracy was coming and we agreed way before she came that we would meet up.  My family and I were headed to the mall for my daughter's dentist appointment and to hang out with my father-in-law.  Tracy and Keoni had an appointment near by so we met at the mall.  I was so excited to finally get to see her in person.

When I first saw her, it was like I was seeing someone I have known my entire life.  It's the first time I have ever met a total stranger that I met from the internet.  It was strange because we knew so much about one another and our kids that we just started talking and everything just fit.  We both have special needs kids and she gave me some great advice about medical stuff and we just connected.  It is nice to have something in common and to know that she "gets me" because she's been there and is living the life of someone who is similar to me.

We didn't have much time together but the time we did have was great.

I had a gift for Tracy and I almost forgot to give it to her.  I looked through my inventory from my shop and tried to grab anything shiny, sparkly, and girly because that's what she likes.  I didn't have sparkly but she loved her gifts.

Her oldest son will be going to college here so she will be back again to visit.  I'm glad it worked out so we could meet.  I love how having a blog can bring you such sweet friends from far away.  If you are blessed to meet "face to face" even better!

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Anna @ Beauty in the Chaos said...

that's awesome! :)

Kelly said...

That is awesome that you guys met in person!!!! Yay! Sarah Fontenot is coming by our house in August on their way back from Boston for her daughters drs appt and i'm SO excited!!!

kaylee said...

How awesome! I met up with fellow bloggers while on vacay too & had a blast! Enjoyed reading this post xo

Sarah Evans said...

Your blog is so lovely - visiting via the Monday Meet up blog hope :)