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Friday, June 15, 2012

Shhh... I'm a Secret Angel

Aleshanee's first birthday photo shoot at 10-1/2 months old

I was invited to take part in being a secret Blog Angel for the month of June by Kaitlyn at Dreamy Meadow and Rosie at Craftbotic

Today is the halfway point and these are some things I wanted to share about my experience.  This is actually something that comes easy for me to do so I was excited to jump at the chance to do this.

What have you learned about yourself from helping another blogger?

I learned that I need to make it a point to be creative because I may get someone who is totally different than me which could be a challenge but there is always a way.  Which also taught me that I need to start  doing other things so I can have more in common with others.

What has been the most fun thing about being a Blog Angel? What has been the most frustrating?

The most fun is knowing that I'm on a mission to encourage her and whatever I do even though little, could brighten her day.  The most frustrating is she's different therefore I have no clue how to help.  Not in a bad way, it's just not as easy as I thought.  I can't say why or she'll know who I am!! :)

Has being a Blog Angel changed your approach to blogging? How?

Not really because I've been doing the things suggested all along to other bloggers because it's what I do.  It's in my nature to want to help others.  I am however more aware of those around me and try to reach out more with every page I visit rather than just skip over and leave the page so quickly.  I know we as bloggers work hard at creating posts no matter what the subject and it's very encouraging to have others leave encouraging comments and spread the word.

How have you made time to help someone else out?

I have their blog on my bookmark bar and visit their social media links daily.  I try to comment on all their posts which is so obvious to me because it was someone I have never met / read before so I think they'll know I'm their angel by me showing up out of the blue on June 1st and stalking every social media link they have and commenting on all their posts.  =)

Have you been trying to work out who is helping you or are you more concerned with helping others?

Yes, I have but I haven't had anyone stand out, things have been pretty show in the comments and emails so I have NO CLUE who my angel is.  I'm excited to find out though!!  Yes I'm concerned with helping others.  I read though the assignment post and the suggestions posts regularly to make sure there isn't anyway else I can help.  I feel like I may go through this experience without making a difference and I don't want that to happen.

How does being a Blog Angel affect your experience of blog land?

It helps me to know we can all work together and build each other up.  By having 75 bloggers participating in this first round in short notice shows how many people are willing to help and be supporters.

Find out more info here.  There will be another round coming up in August!

Linking up here with all the other Secret Blog Angels!!

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Katlyn Larson said...

This is awesome Salena! I'm so glad that you are having a good time with participating! I also have come to realize how many people in blog land are willing to help. When I was starting my blog I felt like no one was willing to help me. Maybe it was because I was asking some 'bigger' bloggers but it was still really discouraging when I didn't hear a single reply. Knowing that we got 75 sign ups for round one is amazing! We're hoping for 100 on round two in August! :) Keep being awesome love! xo

Rosie said...

What Katlyn said and more! You've been so proactive throughout this process, it's awesome. Thank you so much for linking up.

Sign up for August is on 15th July!

Hope to see you there again.

Rosie xx

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

How fun to get someone completely different from you! My partner is a lot different from me too.. and really seems to have everything together, so it's extra challenging trying to find a way to help. But fun! :)

Nicole Buckingham said...

Oh, you have to tell me more about this. It sounds wonderful and I know nothing. How amazing of you. Of course you're helping out other bloggers and of course that's just who you are-- it truly comes across every time I encounter you in this bloggy world. =)

On a completely different and very kooky note... I posted a pic of Jack Johnson thinking about me here... http://www.localsugarhawaii.com/2012/06/watermelon-otai-crush-and.html

Have a beautifully silly weekend.


Kelly said...

Oh my gosh your little angel is ADORABLE!!!!