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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Something to Celebrate...

When my oldest daughter Ashley was 18 years old, she married Joshua.

Today, they are celebrating their 8th anniversary.

Their marriage is one of inspiration.

Through every challenge, they remain faithful and strong in one another and united with God.

I am so proud of them in what they have overcome and for their example for others 

Ashley & Josh,

I love you both very much.  In a time where couples are quick to give up and be concerned with only their individual needs, you both continue to be a light to others.  You both give hope to those who want to fight for a happy, faithful, meaningful relationship with their spouse.  I admire you and are encouraged by your love for each other.  I wish you the best day celebrating your marriage and a future full of the desires of your heart.

All my love,

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1 comment:

Pidg said...

They are so sweet and inspiring..I still can't believe you can have a daughter that old...sheesh woman would you please start aging! P.S. I miss you ;)