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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just keeping it real... {{Dirty Secret Saturday}}


When I first heard of this Dirty Secret Saturday link party I was so excited.  I went ahead and shared the link everywhere.  I put up the button and I mean seriously it was like I was the one who came up with it, that's how excited I was.  Then when the time came for the first link up, I had no clue what to write.  Even now I'm struggling to find something to write about.  I know it shouldn't be that hard.  It could be something serious, hard, easy, or just plain funny.  But I'm stuck.  My dear friend Lena at Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby has been asking me all this time to link up so I figured I better give it a serious thought and just do it.

So here it goes...

I have a secret... (well, duh... that's why we're here Salena, HELLO!?)

Some of you may have heard me joke about it before.

I wish someone would admit me to the mental health ward so I can get some peace and quiet, in-house therapy and counseling, and be able to have access to whatever drugs that will keep me sane under doctor supervision.

1. My own bed: we have a queen size bed.  You  know who sleeps there?  Me, my husband, and by morning all 3 of our little girls.  Their ages?  Almost 7, 4-1/2, and 2-1/2.  My husband and I are hanging on for dear life at the edge of our beds which leads to sleep deprivation.  WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS CAN FUNCTION AND LOOK AFTER 3 LITTLES WITH NO SLEEP!!??

2. Therapy/Counselor/Group: people to listen to me express my frustration without interrupting after every breath I take.  Time to thoroughly gather and express my thoughts with no distractions of screaming, fighting, whining, or things breaking, or falling.

3. Bathroom: going potty, showering, just plain getting ready for the day.  IN PEACE.  No one to bang on the door, scream through the door, pull at me, push on me, etc.  you get the point. Heaven!

4.  Meals: no one trying to steal my food or stick their hands in my drink.  No need to keep a watchful eye on my plate or cup in fear of it being knocked out of my hand or on to the floor.

I know you all are laughing but this is normal in my house all.day.long.

5. Drugs: to settle me down and make me relax. Okay maybe it won't be necessary after all.  :)

6. No one pulling down the shirt or lifting up my shirt, or poking me on my butt, or on my boobs, or hitting my glasses off my face, or head butting me.  You get the idea.  No I'm not talking about my husband.  I welcome these from him. ;)  hahaha!

Ok well I think you get the point here.  There may be more benefits I can name but these are the big ones. Oh, and while I was writing this, I know it's very likely that it would not be all fun and games in a mental ward because there are others in there who would be worse off than me and it may back fire on me.  I just want the chance to see if it would be a nice little vacation.

Or, I could just save up and go on vacation.  :)  Same thing right?  As long as the kids don't go along with us.  But that would mean we need to spend money.  I think the mental ward sounds better.

What about you?  Have you ever secretly wished that you could get away at a mental ward because it would be a nice break for you?  No, just me? ;)

So what's your dirty little secret?  Link up now or the next one.  Dirty Secret Saturday is the last Saturday of every month.

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Beth @ Through the Eyes of the Mrs. said...

Love it and all so true. I think we all could use a bit more sanity with raising our families. I would join you so get two beds k? xoxo

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

Ah! I totally get this, Salena!!! Love it!
THANK YOU so much for finally linking up this month! ♥

AbsoluteMommy said...

So glad you linked up! And amen sister to all of these!! Just for one day! Lol especially the bathroom breaks!

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness. While I was reading this, I was being climbed on by a curious little toddler who just wanted to 'see too peas'. I tell my husband all that time that I just want ONE DAY to myself - I'd probably get it and be bored out of my mind. This was funny, I could totally relate. lol.