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Friday, April 27, 2012

Guest Post:: Hayley from Hayley's World :: Thoughts on being a Military Wife

Hey guys, Hayley is here from Hayley's World to share a little about being a military wife.  I was excited when she suggested something like this because my oldest daughter is a military wife.  My son in law is in the Air Force and they are celebrating their 8th anniversary on May 12th.  I know there are a lot of families sacrificing for our freedom and I am honored to have her here to share a glimpse of her life.  Thank you Hayley for taking the time to share this with us.  Welcome home Kevin!!


Hi everyone! My name is Hayley and I blog over at Hayley's World. I haven't blogged in a couple weeks, but read on to find out why.


I am a military wife (married 9 years, together for 11) and sahm to 2 (7 yo and 2.5 yo).

WelcomeHome25 copy

We just finished his 4th deployment (2nd to Afghanistan) last week. Now you see why I haven't blogged in a while, lol. We are so very happy to have him home, safe and sound. This deployment was his longest being 3 days over a year (and a 366 day year too, lol).

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I guess you could say the theme of my blog is 'everyday life'. It has a little photography, cooking, crafts, family stuff, etc. I got out of the groove of posting (and tweeting, boy do I miss tweeting) since I was trying to get everything ready for hubby to come home and since his arrival.

I love my life and those that are in it. I've been told I have a 'glass full' attitude and some take that as naive but I'm not. I know what could have happened to my hubby but I chose not to think about or worry all day every day.

I was lucky in that my hubbys job (PA, physician assistant) doesn't take him out on many missions and I did get to talk to him everyday, most times twice a day. But yes, Afghanistan in general is dangerous. To me, it is what it is, he is where he is and I can't change it. So worrying about it all the time isn't good for me, him or the kids.


So a positive attitude is what I had. And I stayed busy, very busy and the year FLEW by.

People often (really often) say 'I don't know how you do it'. At this point I either do it, or leave him, LOL. And that's not gonna happen. I married him when he was in the Army already, I knew how it was, that he could deploy, that he could get injured, or worse. That is a choice I made to be with the love of my life. And I don't know if I could see my life any other way.

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Besides staying busy, the thing that kept me going were my friends. Army friends are like no other. Army friends become family REALLY quick, especially in times of deployment. They are the ones to call when you need to cry, need a laugh, have nightly dinners with, hang out on weekends, share holidays with. You share a bond that your family and your non military friends can never have. And that common bond is what bonds us so quickly.

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I have a few best friends here in AK (that's Alaska, not Arkansas) that without them this deployment wouldn't have been as great.

Ok....well after that novel, if you aren't exhausted, come over to my blog and check it out. I promise I will be posting more often. Just getting back into a routine of hubby being home (and only having to work half days or less till they are off for a month starting next month).

Thanks for taking the time to read, hope to talk to you soon!!! :)


Hayley's World


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Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

Hayley... from one military spouse to another... thank you for writing this post. =) Deployments are some of the toughest things that a marriage can go through. It takes a really special bond, a special couple to make it through these things. And you are absolutely right... it was always my military friends that helped me through the deployments the most...who understood, who would listen when I hit those low points and not judge or condemn.
So happy for you that the hubs is home. PTL!!

I'm your newest follower!

Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

And Salena.. thanks for hosting this one!