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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Featured Spotlight:: Carina @ Hawai'i Equine Assisted Reflection & Therapy (H.E.A.R.T.)

Welcome Carina from Hawai'i Equine Assisted Reflection & Therapy (H.E.A.R.T.).  Carina is one of my sister Cassie's best friend's and she has recently started HEART on the North Shore of O'ahu.  This is such a vital program she has put together and I feel everyone would benefit from an experience which they offer.  She is here to share more about herself but please check out her links below to find out more info on what she does.  We can't all live in Hawai'i but there may be a program near you.  =)


Carina Cooper (Hawai'i Equine Assisted Reflection & Therapy)

Carina Cooper- EAGALA certified Equine Specialist and Founder of HEARTCarina has over 15 years of experience with horses ranging from competition in western and english disciplines to horsemanship and instruction. She grew up in Pony Club on the North Shore of Oahu where she learned invaluable skills such as compassion, teamwork, support, and responsibility. A passion for all animals and an interest in animal behavior led her to pursue a B.S. in Zoology from Colorado State University. She gained experience working with a wide range of mammals including chimpanzees, marine mammals, carnivores, and hoofstock.
A career change to working with horses was prompted after learning about EAGALA in 2010 and working with her first EAP program in Oregon. Carina is a certified Equine Specialist in EAGALA. She was also trained by Rupert Isaacson in the Horse Boy Method of riding and sensory work for Autism. Her love of Hawaii and her passion for helping others led her home in the spring of 2011 to start Hawai’i Equine Assisted Reflection & Therapy. Carina is also the District Commissioner of the Na Lio Kai Pony Club and enjoys volunteering her time to educating youth and enriching the lives of others through a partnership with horses. It is Carina’s personal goal to share her love of horses with others in the community and to help them with emotional growth and learning.


WHO has inspired you lately?

Angelina Jolie and her humanitarian efforts.

WHAT is your favorite color?

Pink! I try not to get too carried away with accessorizing everything with pink and hearts.

WHERE is your favorite vacation spot?

Anywhere warm, with a beach, and horses. I loved Australia and New Zealand.

WHEN was the last time you did something special for yourself?

Good question! I'm planning on getting a haircut sometime next week.

Tell me something you wish others would know about you and WHY?

I hate being interrupted and I strive to finish conversations before starting new ones.

Random Facts:

  1. I'm a total country girl at heart. I love wearing my cowboy boots and blasting the latest country hits at full volume in my truck.
  2. I have to have a piece of chocolate every day.
  3. I own 17 animals and am responsible for 7 other horses.
  4. I studied abroad in Tasmania and backpacked through Europe for 2 months by myself when I was 21.
  5. I am terrified of sharks and the deep ocean but I enjoy surfing and Stand Up Paddling. 
Upcoming events:: There will be a FREE Open House on Saturday, May 5th 11 am- 3 pm at Sunset Ranch. Details are on the website at www.hearthorses.com

Check out this video which also features my sister Cassie, her son, and my niece on one of the free open house days.

website / Facebook / twitter / YouTube


xoxo, Salena

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