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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Storm

I thought I'd what my view was during yesterday's storm.  

We have been having some crazy weather here in Hawaii.  Severe thunderstorms, lightning, flooding, power outages, damaged homes, and heavy traffic.

I've been lucky to be safe and dry at home during all this craziness.

My 6 year old is off to school daily and yesterday we got soaked getting her in from the bus right outside our door.

My husband is an Oahu Transit Services Paratransit Operator aka Handi Van Driver.  He drives through this mess for his whole shift.  It's scary that not only do I worry about him driving to work and home in this weather, his actual job is to drive no matter what weather we have.

I heard it's supposed to be like this today too.

Hoping for some sun and dry ground.  The girls have been begging to go to the playground but everything is flooded.

Well, there you have it... my view of the storm.  Have a wonderful day!!

xoxo, Salena
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The Painters Patch said...

Beautiful pics!♥

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

I love those pictures!! I will keep your family in my prayers!! Being out in a crazy storm is always scary!

I'm Karen said...

I have been hearing about the rain and floods out there! Crazy!! Stay safe!!

I'm Karen said...

I have been hearing about the rain and floods out there! Crazy!! Stay safe!!

Kendra said...

oh my! that is quite the downpour!

Sugar Plums & Lollipops said...

Hi Salena! I'm from Hawaii too. Finally today it cleared up a little. I'm a new follower and would love for a follow back. You can find me at sugarplumsandlollipops.blogspot.com

Tiffany said...

Wait a minute!! You're in Hawaii? Have you met Becks of Oomph? I think she's around the Oahu area, too!

The one time I visited Hawaii, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Sunny and warm. I just assumed y'all had that kind of perfect weather all the time. =)

Maša said...

great photos! I hope everything was OK. but otherwise I kinda envy you living in Hawaii. :P I would love to move somewhere with a warmer weather!