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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Crash

This is an old photo from the listing when we bought our place.


Have you seen the movie "CRASH"?  The one with Sandra Bullock?  This movie was on my mind the entire time on this day.

On Thursday, March 22, 2012 a car crashed into the side of our house while we were home and standing only 5 feet away.  If the driver had not turned her wheel to the right to avoid hitting the house, she would have slammed right into me, my husband, and our two youngest daughters.

The driver, a 72 year old woman who was in the car alone, fell asleep at the wheel.  Cut across the wrong side of the road, up the curb onto the hill then woke up, thought she pressed the brake but hit the gas instead.  Witnesses say she was accelerating at around 40 mph.  
We were standing in the house and heard a strange loud noise.  We both looked up and as we both shouted, "what is that noise"?! The car slammed into the side of our house while we were looking out the sliding glass door.  It was so loud and happened so fast.

This was my fear from the moment we bought this place.  We are on the corner and there is no barrier between us and the road.  Yes, some said to me the trees and hill will help keep cars away if there was an accident.  I told them that would not matter and no little sparse trees or hill is going to keep away a vehicle that gets into a crash right outside our house.

We were both in shock.  The driver kept yelling "is everyone okay"???!!!  A neighbor ran over and through the debris stuck his head near the window full of broken glass yelling out if we were okay.  My husband told me to call 911 and the same thing happened to me on this day that happened the day of Dakota's accident.  I could not figure out how to use our magic jack phone to call the police and Rudy kept trying to walk me through it but I was frozen.

The first thing that popped into my head after the "I knew this was going to happen one day, I just knew it"!  Was "great, we don't have any personal insurance, how are we going to pay for  this"??!!!

This is what we saw when we finally got outside.


See the crack in the wall up above in the center of the photo?  We were standing on the other side of the wall right where the shadow hits towards the corner.  I am still freaked out that the driver woke up just in time and purposely turned her wheel to avoid hitting the house dead on.




Thankfully, NO ONE was hurt.  

I eventually went over to find the driver (sitting in a car of someone who she cut off before hitting the hill) to see if she was okay.  She was so thankful that the first voice she heard was mine yelling out to her if she was okay.  She said my voice was such a huge comfort to her at that moment.  We ended up talking together for the rest of the ordeal while the car was being towed.  My mom ended up giving her a ride to a rent-a-car place along with her husband and sister-in-law.

I found out later that we know the driver's husband.  We used to go to the same church years ago.  They were so grateful for our response to the entire crash and that we were so nice and kind to them.  Believe me, everyone was in shock not only at the crash but at our response.  Neighbors were more upset than we were.  There is no way to explain how someone would hold something like this against someone.  She fell asleep because she was more tired than she thought and she drove home after a meeting about 25 miles.  She did nothing malicious to cause this "accident".  The one thing to remember is that God protected us; all of us.  Not only that but we lived on the same street for a while and we did not know they lived near us.

The driver and her husband have been visiting us, checking on us on how we are doing, on the progress of the house, they gave an adorable children's book to our daughters from their publishing business, and we are all so grateful that we know one another and the crash brought us together.

This is where that movie CRASH comes in.  We are all intertwined somehow.  The things we do impact others and we cross paths even though we don't know it and are not aware of it.  Sometimes these things happen to wake us up.  God uses each of us to teach us lessons, to bless us, to teach others lessons, to comfort others, to have compassion, etc.

What would have been your reaction to this, even if it had involved tragedy?

xoxo, Salena


Amanda said...

Salena! I have been out of the loop this week and I had no idea this happened! I am so glad you're okay! I can't imagine how scary, frustrating, and generally unnerving this all must be. Praying for you!

Karen said...

God certainly protected everybody that day. I am so glad that no one was hurt!

the lowes said...

oh my goodness, thanking the Lord right now for HIS protection for ALL of you!!!

Tracy Jensen said...

Salena, thank heavens you are so sweet and loving. You made it easier for this poor woman who obviously feels horrible. No one plans on this...I'm so glad you have such a beautiful perspective. (hugs)

Debonair Bandit said...

Oh my goodness. My prayers go out to you. I am glad no one was hurt.

Leah @ LeahMarieV said...

Thinking of you and your family - makes you stop and remember what is really important - every moment with them. Glad you are all alright!

Sue said...

This must have been so scary for you! I'm glad you were all okay.

LWLH said...

That is craziness, but thank goodness everyone is ok. I think you handled it wonderfully, I hope if I was in the same scenario I would do the same.

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Oh my goodness. I am so sorry something like this happen to yall and I am beyond glad you are all okay. I think it is completely wonderful how you handled the situation!

Ashlie Ortega said...

After reading this my heart is still pounding. I'm so thankful you and your family are alright. You handled this situation wonderfully. Happy Monday.

Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

oooh my goodness!! PTL that you are all ok!
I am finally a new follower. I've been seeing your face all over the blogs lately and have been meaning to add you to my list!
And now, I find out I might possibly be seeing you all over the island. I live on Oahu... is that where you are to? Let me know if I can do anything to help you and your family!!!

Ashley said...

I am so glad that everyone was okay. I honestly don't know how I would have reacted... I am ashamed to say that maybe anger at first but that would have dissipated. But, you are right there was nothing malicious and it was simply an accident. It was so wonderful how you treated her with such compassion.

I hope your house gets fixed soon.