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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine's Interview Series Day 2: Amber @ Sneakers over Stilettos

I'm so excited to bring you this special Valentine's Day series.  I came up with some questions that would help us to get to know what others may be thinking about Valentine's Day.  I wanted to know what makes it special for them, what is their fondest memories, and their favorite things to do on this special day.  Towards the end you will a special message for their Valentine.

Today we have Amber from Sneakers Over Stilettos!  Here's what Amber has to say...


What does Valentine's Day mean to you?
Valentines to me is meant to remember a brave man, in 260 a.d. the Roman emperor outlawed marriages, so that men would have no reason to not join the army. Saint Valentine was a priest who secretly married couples. He risked his life for the sake of love. He believed in love so much that he was happy to face the consequences. Being a history lover, I love to tell my kids this story each year, so that when they grow up they will know to always show their love for all to see so that it will continue on, even after about 1800 years.

What would be your ideal Valentine's Day?
I love capturing every moment, so to be surprised with a photography session would send me over the moon! We have been waiting forever for Peyton to start walking to have our first family photos taken, so maybe my wish will come true! My husband knows me pretty well and knows that I treat my closet like a museum and love looking at the dresses he has bought for me, for all the big moments in our life, so a new dress to have as memento of Jason showing that he remembers the little details in our life tradition would earn him lots of brownie points!

Do you have a favorite Valentine's treat or craft that you do? If yes, please share. OR Favorite Valentine's item from your shop or favorite shop.
I LOVE all valentine treats! I am pretty lucky girl, and my Gramma still makes me treats. I look forward to them every year. Its a piece of my childhood that I got to bring with me into adulthood. And lets face it who doesn't love treats that your Gramma made for you, no matter what it is they always seem to make them better then anyone! As for crafts, I am not a super crafty lady, but this year I did buy a couple of mylar balloons and take Ethan and Peyton out for some valentine photo fun. 

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day just on the day, does it need to be on the day, and/or do you celebrate all month?
My first few valentines days with Jason were disasters. I am not kidding, our first valentines day together I was a passenger in a car accident! The few after that were equally as disastrous. After four years, we decided to boy-cot the day coming to think it was bad luck. We do get each other cards, but generally we will bake a cake with Ethan and eat a yummy meal! Next year Ethan will be in kindergarten, and I am excited to make cards with him for his class.

Valentine's Day is about celebrating the ones you love. What does LOVE mean to you?
Going back to my first answer love is about showing others you care. Going out of your way, doing things that are a little inconvenient at times, but always with a smile on your face. Many times I have given someone who is hungry the snacks that I have packed for Ethan and Peyton. And while I pay for that one big time later, knowing someone feels special that they were noticed helps me get through the grumbles that I get from Peyton. Ethan is a little older now and he has begun to feel good about making other smile. When it comes to love between Jason and I, I like to call that keeping the sparkle. Doing little things now and then that you did before marriage and kids. I am not a big flower girl, so Jason stops sometimes on his way home from work and will pick me up a new hat or something like that. And for me I am always painting for him. Taking time out of a busy life to just to show that you remember each other as more then a Mama and Daddy helps keep love fresh and exciting.
What is your most favorite thing about Valentine's Day?
My favorite thing about Valentines is going to a vintage shop and searching for antique cards. I have a small collection that I started with my Gramma, and when I ever I find one I love I buy it right away.  Its not just the look of the cards, its everything from the way people use to write to each other, to the way the hand writing looks, to the smell.
Your special message to your Valentine...
Jason, I love you forever, I'll like you for always As long as I'm living, My baby, you'll be {Robert Munsch} And please never stop singing me a smile.
Sneakers Over Stilettos

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Thank you so much Amber for participating in this Valentine's Interview Series!!  Your photos are gorgeous!!!  I remember you posting about the valentine's balloons for photo shoot props.  Love it!  I appreciate your heart and honesty in your answers and for your willingness to share it with everyone here.

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Tracy Jensen said...

sweet comments..I feel so lame that I don't know the Valentine's story...so glad that I now know! LOVE the pictures....especially the last one....thank you for sharing!

Kristine Foley said...

Thanks for sharing the story of Saint Valentine!! I didn't even know ;) Man your pics are so cute! The heart balloons are so sweet and that pic in the water *swoon* Thanks for sharing!

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