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Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Interview Series Day 13: Connie @ Momma of Dos

I'm so excited to bring you this special Valentine's Day series.  I came up with some questions that would help us to get to know what others may be thinking about Valentine's Day.  I wanted to know what makes it special for them, what is their fondest memories, and their favorite things to do on this special day.  Towards the end you will a special message for their Valentine.

Today's Interview is with Connie from Momma of Dos, here's what she has to say...
What does Valentine's Day mean to you?
Valentines used to mean dinner, chocolates, flowers and cards…these days it means Love, Faith and Family.
Share your most memorable Valentine's Day.
I think this year will be the best ever. I have an amazing Hubby and Dos {Two} Beautiful little Blessings!
What would be your ideal Valentine's Day?
I think that my Valentine’s Day will be ideal if I can just have a nice dinner at home with my little family and maybe even a movie!
Do you have a favorite Valentine's treat or craft that you do? If yes, please share. OR Favorite Valentine's item from your shop or favorite shop.
I want to start baking more, so I really want to make some cookies and cupcakes! We shall see. If time allows some handmade Valentine’s day cards for the kids and my Hubby!
Do you celebrate Valentine's Day just on the day, does it need to be on the day, and/or do you celebrate all month?

I want to celebrate Love and my Loves everyday of the year!
Valentine's Day is about celebrating the ones you love. What does LOVE mean to you?

Love is God. Love is family. Love is my Hubby. Love is my children.
Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions that you still follow as a grown up that your parent's did with you as a child?
My Momma has always been good at buying us treats and gifts for every Holiday, I just want to make sure my kids know that I love them and show them…
What is your most favorite thing about Valentine's Day?
I love the colors! Pink and Red! :D
Your special message to your Valentine...
I love you all so much. You are the biggest Blessing in my life….

You can find Connie on her blog and other social networking sites by clicking on the links below.

Thank you so much  Connie for participating in this Valentine's Interview Series!!  I appreciate your heart and honesty in your answers and for your willingness to share it with everyone here.

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A Little Piece of Me

** still taking valentine's dedications, send special messages to alittlepieceofme.salena@gmail.com **

xoxo, Salena
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Connie said...

Salena!!! Thank You so much for sharing my little answers with your readers!

I have loved all your post in this series!!!

Have an amazing day!!! :D

Simply Raising 8 said...

Love all the interviews on your site.