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Monday, February 20, 2012

Guest Post: "a little piece of me" by Megan @ Absolute Mommy

I am completely humbled to have Megan from AbsoluteMommy here today.  Megan has been such a great support and someone who has been a constant encouragement to me.  When she agreed to guest post I was beyond happy.  She sent me her post for today and I was completely floored.  Her words are so perfect and shows her incredible heart.  It's times like this that I feel so blessed to have chosen to become a blogger.

I'm Megan from AbsoluteMommy.  Never heard of me?  Well good!  Nice to meet you.  If you haven't, hello!  I'm just a stay at home mamma in Fresno California, trying to make sense of motherhood.  I have good days, and better days, and sometimes if the starts align and there isn't a full moon, excellent days!  My motto is: "I wasn't built for motherhood.  It built me.  It's a work in progress".  You can read all about that progress over at AbsoluteMommy!

I'm so happy that Salena invited me here today.  I have enjoyed getting to know her over the past few months.  To say she is a wife, mother, and grandmother does not do her justice.  Her honesty and kindess knock me out.  She is definitely someone who I want in my corner! When I think about Salena I think about her family.  When I read her blog I can feel the warmth and love that she gives and receives.  It may have something to do with the fact that I'm always imagining her on "the island".  Hawaii to you and me, home to Salena. What I love about her blog is that she indeed shares "A little piece of me".  Sometimes the pieces are heartbreaking.  Sometimes the pieces make you think.  Most of the times the pieces inspire.  I hope I can do a little of that today.

I'm going to share "a little piece of me". It's no secret that I love to write.  Well blog, if you will.  I have always had a love for writing and reading, but for some reason I didn't pursue it until way later.  Like at 33 years old.  So why did I wait so long?  I was scared.  I was afraid that I wasn't really a writer.  That I really didn't have a voice or something to say.  It took me a full year to start a blog.  No seriously, I thought about it for a full year.  Now I'm wondering why I waited so long. I started my blog to put down all the thoughts I had on motherhood, on identity crisis (my own), and on life.  I didn't know that it would be a place to work out all the things that were heavy on my heart.  I didn't know that it would make me think about my actions more clearly.  That it would help me filter the good and bad.  That it would expose me to others that thought like me and felt like me.  It was a blessing in disguise.  My main goal was to reach out to others who were fumbling through motherhood like me.  To let them know that we needed to look at motherhood a little differently.  To loosen our grip on perfection.  I connected with so many people it was AMAZING.  I've also made some really great friends, like Salena. I want to be a writer.  I write all the time.  Like in my head when I'm supposed to be making dinner, or falling asleep.  I think about blog posts, and make up little short stories about my day.  Like in a narrative voice in my head.  Like a crazy person.  It's crazy right?  Well, if you too, consider yourself a writer then you will understand.  I can't tell you how many poems have been written on napkins.  How many blog posts on old receipts, ATM envelopes, or post it notes.  You shouldn't text and drive, but you shouldn't blog on the back of a paper gift bag and drive either.  True story. I'm still afraid to say the word.  Writer.  I'm more likely to use the word "blogger".  Even then it gets stuck in my throat.  Why?  I have no idea. I'm still trying to find my place in this blogging community.  You would think that after a year I would know who I am, and what I'm saying.  I still have no idea.  I still blog about whatever I feel like.  I still link up to everything!  I like to think of my blog as my own, very public, journal.  So sometimes it's about fantasy, sometimes it's reality, but I promise it's all me.  Unless there is a guest poster, but they will provide pictures and a bio. Blogging is a little piece of me.  Writing is a huge piece of me.  One day I just may call myself a writer.  For now I'm a blogger, AbsoluteMommy. Are you a writer?  Do you have an inner monologue?  No?  Just me?  Thanks Salena for having me!  Thanks to you for reading! Happy Blogging, Megan

Absolute Mommy
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Megan, thank you so much for sharing  your heart with us today.  I don't even have the words to tell you how much this touched me.  xoxo

xoxo, Salena
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Kim said...

Did I miss that you started a new series, Selena? Love the idea!

Kelly @ Live.Laugh.Rowe said...


Thank you so very much for participating in the blog hop! Wishing you much success in your bloggy endeavors. As you know, I'm already a follower. YAY!


AbsoluteMommy said...

Thanks for having me! I had a great time putting this together!