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Sunday, February 19, 2012

{Giveaway} Lacey @ Little Miss Nerd Girl

The lovely Lacey is here today from Little Miss Nerd Girl!  Check out what inspires her in this mini interview!  

My blog is where I share my tales about being a SAHM, wife, full-time student, blog designer and wannabe baker. I'm sarcastic and not afraid to leave the sugar coating on the side. Oh, and we like Star Wars, comics and books a lot around here.

I recently threw my hat into the ring of blog designers. It's something I love to do and I am always learning a new trick. I design and code everything and make sure your blog looks good in all the major browsers (have you ever come across a blog where the post title runs into the actual post or a sidebar looks a bit jumbled? It's probably because their designers aren't checking how the design looks across all browsers). Basically, I want your blog to look the best it can (no matter where it's being viewed from) and I want you to smile every time you see it.

Q: Who/What was your inspiration to start blogging/shop?
My family is my inspiration for my blog. They be crazy. My being a nerd is what inspired me to get into web design again. ;)

Q: What is your routine while blogging/creating things for shop?
I try to work on everything after the kids are in bed and after my homework is done. I'm usually cuddled on the couch next to my husband while he plays video games and I take care of business on my Macbook.

To take care of me, my most favorite thing to do for myself is...
go for a walk or drive alone. I usually end up at Starbucks. Hah.

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Mrs AOK said...

Hello.. I'm new here following along from the blog hop-- cannot wait to read your posts.

Tristy said...

I am now following both of you on twitter. But it wouldn't let me enter my name. It's @trizzielyn

Nay said...

Hi there lovelies:) Couldn't enter the fields either, but I did everything (@naycover2cover) and tweeted:
and FB'd and tagged ya:)