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Saturday, February 18, 2012

{Giveaway} Cat from Stuff I love

Hi everyone!  I'm Cat and I'm so glad to be with you today to offer this giveaway!  I have three little kids (all 4 and under) 

(aren't they cute?)

and in my spare time (aka naptime) I write over at Stuff I Love.  When I have the time and motivation, I also keep a shop called Mimi Baby Boutique

It's been heavy on my heart lately that I need to be doing more with my time and resources to help others.  Therefore I have begun donating 50% of the profits from my shop and 100% of the profits from my Hunger Line bracelets to charities.  If you have a charity you'd like to nominate, please feel free to shoot me an email.  I've also started Operation Feed The Lambs to encourage bloggers to ban together to help end hunger for children around the world.  It's super simple to get involved and you can do as little or as much as you'd like.  

Anyway, today I'd like to offer one of you a custom electronics cover from my shop.  This can be for any small electronic device (cell phone, camera, Kindle/Nook, even a kid's handheld gaming device) complete with felt embellishment or embroidery and/or monogramming.  

An example of a recent order

Thanks so much for your time!!
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xoxo, Salena
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Amanda said...

Hey can you delete my first entry? I don't use Linky Followers - and I didn't realize I could not follow her via GFC.