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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

5 Moments I Would Live Over Again {Listable Life}

My wedding day
I would have done things differently for sure like put more money into a photographer and do a video.  Mostly I would have enjoyed every single moment.  The day went by so fast I could hardly remember any of it.  I would have made the day longer rather than rush through it like we did.

The birth of my six kids
I would love to live over the moment when each of them were placed in my arms and on my chest for the first time.  The moment we first met, it's the most precious thing ever.

The moments before Dakota's accident
I would like to go back to that moment and make a change of being at the pool with all of them and making sure I was helping to keep them safe rather than sitting by Hayden in the bassinet because I wasn't feeling well.  I could have been sitting on the chair besides the pool resting like Ashley said.

The moment I screamed at Ashley for leaving Dakota alone the day of her accident
I wish I could re-live that moment and have been in a better frame of mind.  I'm not sure I would have done things differently in the state of panic and shock I was in but I would take back the way I treated Ashley if it was at all possible.

The day of, and weeks after losing my babies
If I could live this time over again, I would have taken better care of myself and my husband in that moment.  I would have asked for help with my other kids, I would have taken as much time as emotionally necessary off of work with no excuses.  I would have allowed myself the time with my husband to mourn, cry, be still, and grieve alone.

The tears welled up when I saw these words... at 9-1/2 weeks gestation we found out our baby had no heartbeat.  I had a missed miscarriage and went on to carry my baby inside my body for another 2 weeks till I miscarried at home.:

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xoxo, Salena

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Lisa @ Organized Chaos said...


Nicole @MTDLBlog said...

Lovely list. And, you should hyperlink the story about Dakota's accidents for your readers. :-) I found it after a bit of searching, but I'm sure they'll want to read it. I'm SO glad she's ok. What a frightening experience. Thanks for linking up!

Tracy Jensen said...

Sweet sweet Salena....I could feel your heart in this post..... **Hugs**

Ashley Marie said...

Wow. This post is so amazing. I found it inspiring! I'm blessed that I only have a few regrets in my life so far.