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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

10 Things I’d Rather Do Besides Chores

The house was clean yesterday
Sorry you missed it
  1. blog in peace and quiet so I can concentrate and get posts scheduled far in the future.
  2. answer emails in peace and quiet so I can type with both hands at a fast speed rather than with one finger with kids in my lap or hanging on me.
  3. take girls to park and watch them have fun.
  4. shopping... well, window shopping. =)
  5. watch movies
  6. veg out and stare at the wall, seriously much better than doing chores.
  7. watch tv. I can watch Wizards of Waverly Place and Good Luck Charlie all day long. Oh wait, we do that already! Haha! I wish Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice was on all day long.
  8. go for a drive. I love taking long drives around the island but we have not done it in a while. I live in Hawaii, the views are gorgeous.
  9. go on a date with my husband. a date? what is that? we have not gone on a date in so long.
  10. take girls to the zoo. the last time we went was when Hayden was maybe 9 months old. I've been longing to take them so I can see her reaction to all the animals.

exactly, right. I could use this for my house

What would you rather do besides chores?


xoxo, Salena
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Sarah B. said...

I'm totally with you on number 1 and 9 :D

Darcie Santoyo said...

Id love to take a long drive in Hawaii! One day... :)

Pidg said...

Psst...I tagged you in a post come see ;) I miss you like crazy bytheway!


Amanda @ Raising Miss Mommy said...

I would put all of these things on my list! My fiance and I are having one of our first date nights tonight since our daughter was born {she's 9 months haha}.

Motherhood Is Messy said...

"The house was clean yesterday sorry you missed it." Hilarious! That is so how I feel. When someone comes over two days after I clean, I think wow you missed it...it looked really clean yesterday.