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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Small Business Day: A Little Piece of Me Shop

My mom was contacted to do this Craft Fair at the last minute over this past weekend.  It was for a church bookstore.  The table was $50.  My mom made $34, and I made zero.  There was hardly any traffic coming through this place, it was pretty much dead the whole time we were there from 8-1:30pm.  It was disappointing but it was nice to me to get away by myself and have a break from my little girls.  We learned not to just jump at any invitation we get but to plan and wait out for the huge well advertised craft fairs.

I stayed up late the night before this craft fair making tote bags, baby onesies, hair clips, and necklaces.  I remembered I had a scarf in the car so I added it to the bust.  This time around my display looked much fuller and I was very pleased with the way it came out.

I printed out a sign to display in a frame on the table and it looked really nice.  I did the same design, actually my shop button photo and made little business cards out of them to have on the table.

Because of this craft fair, there has been a shift in what I want to offer and the way I am now packaging my sold items.  I'm excited about it.

The photo above shows some of the new items that were just listed in my shop.  The pictures are not the best because I only have a cell phone to take my pictures and the lighting in and around my house is not the best.

These 2 tote bags and brown hair clip were sold over this last week.  I am so in LOVE with the tote bags, it was hard to package them up and ship them off to their new homes.

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Nicole said...

wow! so awesome you have your own shop. i would love to do that someday. still working creating some really worthy of an etsy shop. :) any tips?!