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Thursday, December 8, 2011

challenges at home

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Life has been challenging in our home lately.  If it's not one of the little girls causing trouble it's all three at the same time.
not wanting to sleep
baby throws her food and dumps out her drinks
baby climbs out of her bed, gets into everything and hardly sleeps now

I have a daughter with special needs and it is a huge challenge.
Her tantrums are severe and must run its course which could last for an hour straight sometimes.
By extreme, I'm talking slamming things, banging on the walls, screaming like there's a homicide going on all the while she's just sitting or standing on one side of the house by herself with no one touching her or even looking at her.
It consists of her coming up to my face, screaming at me full force, hitting, kicking, pushing and shoving.
She has super strength and is all muscle.

Daily, after she returns from school it's a huge battle that gets set off for no reason at all.
It's exhausting because some mornings it happens when I wake her up and try to get her ready for school.

There is so much I want to do with my Blog, my shop, my house, my girls, my marriage, my older kids, my family, my grandkids....
but this behavior gets in the way of all of it.
I haven't talked about it before because I really don't know how to put it into words.
My daughter was born with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome and after years of begging all her doctors and specialists to take a look at her because something is not right, they finally agreed to get her tested.
She was diagnosed with
developmental cognitive delay.

She was very young when she was tested last so it may not be completely accurate and we need to get her tested again.
Things seem to be getting worse and her specialists and doctors are starting to be concerned.
I write this now because the usual happened again today.
We needed to run errands, waited for her to get home from school and when we were ready to go she started up again while trying to load up into the car.
It got to the point where my husband was losing it and he is more patient than I am.  He took her into her room and you can hear her screaming, pounding, slamming things, and yelling all kinds of stuff.
It’s been an hour and only now there is silence.

There is WAY more to this than I can possibly write out right now.
I ask for your prayers as we continue in finding out what is going on with her.

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Darcie said...

I'll be praying!
You mentioned that getting ready for school and when she gets home from school sets off her moods, maybe theres an issue there with the school, other kids, or teacher?
Hope and pray things work out better for you and her and the whole family Salena :)

Pidg said...

Oh Salena I'll be sending prayers your way. I know how hard it can be sometimes when there are needs that sometimes just can't be met. I know it's exhausting at times but I also know Heavenly Father won't give you anything you can't handle. I wonder if she uses all she's got in her to focus in school and when she's home she knows it's "safe" to unwind. {Even if she's not aware of it} I've got some of those with different "issues" that they just seem to let it all go at home. {Although with Busy she obviously can't help her reactions} Praying for you and your sweet family. Loves!

Karen said...

Oh wow Salena! I can only imagine the struggles you go through. I will pray for you, for all of you. You are an amazing mother!

fivejensenboyz said...

Praying for you girl. I have always been drawn to your blog. Something about you...something about your words.....today I felt like I had to search out your blog (cause sometimes I struggle to stay on top of them all) and I read your post. I don't have a child with the same disorder as yours, but I do have a special needs child that requires a lot of care. I don't know what you're going through....but I know what it's like to have challenges....you are in my heart. Hang in there and just know that as you share your story, someone else is touched and knows that they are not alone. I think you are amazing.!!!

Angie said...


You are amazing! I'll be praying for you and your family. I wish I had some better words of encouragment for you. I think you are a very talented woman and a good mother! I'm sure you'll be able to find your way through this.

Lacee said...

Your daughter is so very blessed to have you as her mother Salena. I can't even begin to imagine how difficult and exhausting your situation must be. I hope that her doctors will be able to help her so that she will be able to live her best life free from so much frustration. Sending lots of love your way my sweet friend! xoxo

Diane said...

Dear Salena, I wish that life was easier for you and your family. Just take one moment at a time and know that things will get better. The storm will pass and the happy moments will return. :0) I know that at the moment it is difficult to cope with things especially with three little ones.
Just try to remember that she may be having a difficult time dealing with what is going on inside of her and that may be the only way she can deal with it. I hope that you can get her retested soon.
Find out how much the testing will cost. Let me know if you need help paying for it.

Love you!


Ashley said...

Salena, I am so sorry that things are hard and challenging. You are a strong women and she is lucky to have you as her momma. :)

Hilary said...

thanks so much for sharing! i'm a new follower...follow back, if you'd like. :) -- Hilary


Stephanie {Luxe Boulevard} said...

Thanks for the shout out of the giveaway on my blog.

I have a younger brother who is physically and mentally disabled, I know (a glimpse) of your frustrations. Sometimes people don't truly understand the dedication, patience, stress, overwhelming fear, number of tears and prayer it takes to raise a child with special needs.
Hang in there. The tantrums are temporary, their love, your love, is not!