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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

10 Random Christmas Facts

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1.        my husband asked me to be his girlfriend on December 23, 1995 because he had to work on Christmas Eve when he wanted to do it.

2.    my husband took me to Diamond Head Lookout to open our gifts to each other on Christmas Eve night just before midnight.  He proposed shortly after I opened my ring out of a cereal box.

3.     we always open one present on Christmas eve.

4.     our family does a big Christmas eve dinner and party

5.     Christmas Day has now become a day to relax and open gifts with each other and to let the kids play and enjoy their new stuff

6.      we have not had a Christmas tree for the last few years. Our place is really small and the girls were too little to notice.

7.      I love white Christmas lights.  It makes everything so magical.

8.     my oldest daughter was due to be born on Christmas eve so we were going to name her Christmas.  She came a week early so we moved “Christmas” to one of her middle names.

9.      I do not like eggnog

10.    Our family tradition with my parents and sisters include bingo, prizes, secret Santa grab bags, and a full scale dinner similar to Thanksgiving.

Over the years due to the bad economy and additions to each family, we have had to cut way back in the traditions we usually follow.  This Christmas is also unknown how we will make it all happen but the past few years we have been enjoying one another more and are focused on the blessings of what Christmas is all about in the first place.

I hope you are all enjoying your holiday season!!

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Lisa said...

Aww, adorable post! Loved these random little facts about you :)

Ronni said...

Even though you don't have huge celebrations, it sounds like Christmas is magical enough for you with all the wonderful memories surrounding it. :)


Kailagh Anne said...

I love the idea of opening gifts on Christmas eve, I always open PJs! Also you and your husband are officially so cute :)