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Monday, November 7, 2011

You Are Perfect

{Private Practice spoiler alert from this past week's episode}

There was a scene in this week's Private Practice TV show.  It was between Addison and Sam in the doctor's office right after she woke up from a medical procedure.  The scene was intimate, just the two of them.

Sam asked Addison to tell him why she loved him and she went on to list them.  He also reminded her of his mistakes, mistakes he made that hurt her.  You see, Addison can't get passed all the mistakes she has made in her life and mostly in relationships.  Sam went on to tell her why he loved her.  She stressed to him all the mistakes she had made. He told her that she was human, that he was human.  When you put together all your great qualities along with your mistakes, it makes you human.

Therefore, you are perfect, I am perfect.

Wow!  That scene really spoke to me.

We are so hard on others and on ourselves.  It is easy to forget that we are all human and it's in our nature to make mistakes.  Little ones and big ones.  We learn from them and move on.  Sometimes it's hard to forgive ourselves and others but hardest most times to forgive ourselves.

What are your great qualities?
What mistakes have you made?
Do you let those mistakes define who you are?
Do you accept both good and bad as who you are?
Good and Bad teaches us life lessons and is what makes us who we are.
It shapes us to move in the direction we need to be.
Yes, there are some people who we all think just don't get it.
I wonder though if those people just have not been forgiven by others or by themselves.

Something to think about.

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Jenae @ Wildflower said...

I Love that show!! and this post really spoke to me. its so true everything you said, we are all human...we all have our great qualities and we all have our mistakes...I have never really thought about my mistakes defining me but you know what I think i have let them...so thanks for the eye opener "good and bad teaches us life lessons and is what makes us who we are" I love that!
Great post Salena!

Pidg said...

This made me think...It's funny how I can accept the good and bad in others so much easier than I can accept it in myself. Today, I will do better. ;) I loved this...I needed it too!

Jodi said...

I love that show too. And how funny i just recently talked this over about my mistakes personality quirks and how for the longest time i struggled to accept them too, i just recently started working on that. I accept it in others easier then myself too. but i am working on it and getting better each day :)

King Eddie said...

I can't say that I relate to watching that show, but what you are saying here is a good message. I think that it's easy to let the mistakes of the past create a false filter over what's real. When really they are no more than smudges on the mirror. Even if they cannot be wiped clean, the real reflection lies beneath them. I have struggled and struggled and struggled with letting my past mistakes go. In some cases, I even reenacted those mistakes just to prove I was right about being that kind of person. But with the actual pursuit of bettering one's self, the past can be overlooked and the future can become clear. It took a special person coming into my life in order for me to accept me for who I am now, even with those blemishes on my past. But once you find peace with it. . . it strengthens you for your future.

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

GREAT message and post girl!! You are so right!! Thanks for linking up and for sharing! We appreciate it so much! :)

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Digger said...

What a great post!! I love this! Thank you for sharing! I found you on Casey's Blog. I'm a new follower.

Digger ~xoxo~