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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ten Essentials For Your Diaper Bag

(Diaper cake I made for Saphire's baby shower with Aaliyah)

Ten Essentials For Your Diaper Bag

  1. diapers because pee and poop happens
  2. wipes because when pee and poop happens you need something to clean it up
  3. extra clothes because sometimes pee and poop escape before you even know it's there
  4. poop bags because you need to put the pee and poop clothes somewhere while you're on an all day outing and it's just a nice gesture to wrap up your pee and poop before tossing it in the trash
  5. disposable wash clothes pre-soaped because when pee and poop happen it's likely to get all over everything and you'll want to clean up that bum as best you can
  6. baby powder because it helps to cover up the smell of pee and poop
  7. snacks because sometimes you need to bribe your child or keep them distracted so you can get your errands done
  8. toys to keep them happy
  9. diaper rash cream, my favorite is butt paste, the stuff works wonders
  10. first aid kit I recommend: pain/fever reducers, thermometer, lots of cool character Band-Aids, antibacterial ointment, bactine antiseptic or other wound cleanser
Happy Outings!!! 

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